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Chappy Chan Chan

In which Orihime introduces Rukia to the concept of fanfiction and she too becomes excited about this new world.

Orihime quickly found that her phone could in fact connect to the internet, thus allowing her not to have to use Tatsuki's own computer. She got to the school and during lunch time sat to the side with the small shinigami female. "I found something really cool I want to show you Rukia."

"And what would that be?" Rukia sat down next to her.

"Well, I found out about the internet and that I can use it on my phone." Inoue stated.

"I knew about that. When we are in the world of the living, our Soul Phones have net access so that we can do research into the current trends, but I've never really used it." The female pulled out her own. "Is that what you wanted to show me?"

"No! Actually, I found a site that hosts stories about us and they are cool. Well, most of them." At that, she showed the address to Rukia.

"Ichigo's Twin Sister: The True Story. It has two chapters." Rukia began to read the fanfic while Orihime read on her own. "This is pretty amazing stuff."

"I'm going to leave a review." Orihime smiled, clicking the buttons.

"You can do that?" The small female shinigami's eyes suddenly brightened up, and then glanced at the phone.

"I just created an account and started going." The robust female stated, her fingers hitting the keypad of her phone.

"I'll create one too then." Rukia stated.

Orihime then held up her phone, showing a review from Orihime-chan, her user name. "I like how in this story Amity is getting what she deserves. Seriously, her having sex with a guy is really stupid and there is the fact that she hit Yuzu-chan was just mean. She's supposed to be her older sister. Kurosaki-kun will not put up with her not acting her roll."

At that, Rukia left her review as Chappy Chan Chan. "I like the story too. I mean, Ichigo having a twin sister is quite interesting. However, I know for a fact that this girl would in fact not fit in at all at the Kurosaki household. I hope she learns her lesson soon."

A dinging sound was heard as the reply came through. "Let me guess. If Orihime-chan is supposed to be Inoue Orihime, you're supposed to be Kuchiki Rukia?"

"Wow! You must be psychic!" Rukia typed out.

"No... I just find this to be quite interesting, truth be told." Osshiko wrote.

However, two more replies came to Orihime and Rukia, both from Jolene Meyers. Inoue's read, "Seriously, Amity Kurosaki is not supposed to be like this. He completely screwed over my character. She is actually very likable." She then responded to Rukia. "He was NOT the first person to do the twin story, I was. Seriously, in mine, Amity is better fit in the story."

"I'll be sure to read your story soon." Rukia wrote out on her own phone. The next story the two girls pulled up was Shopping With Christina. The two girls found themselves suddenly bursting out loud from laughter. So, Chappy Chan Chan wrote out this. "I've been nerdified. Funny. Me with Keigo... even funnier."

"I think it is funny because Rukia would never need a makeover. She is pretty as she is. I don't think she and Keigo would be a good couple." Orihime wrote out. They then moved onto Shinigami Christina. Orihime wrote out a quick review. "Am I supposed to be the bad guy?"

"Excuse me?" the PM came, and then another soon afterward. "You mean is Orihime supposed to be the bad guy in this? If so, yes."

"Cool. I get to be the bad guy!" Orihime typed out. Rukia happened to be glancing over her shoulder.

Chappy Chan Chan then wrote her review. "While Orihime-chan thinks it is quite fun for her to be making her into the villain in this, I... as her friend... do not like the way that you are treating her in this story. She is a really nice person and it somewhat seems like you are doing it to get her out of the way of Ichigo. Why not befriend her like your other fanfic?"

"You are confusing me a little, as you guys can't be Orihime Inoue and... I don't know who you are Chappy Chan Chan, but this is simply a different story. I guess that is the best way to put it."

Moving on, the next story that the girls ended up finding happened to be The True Avenging Angel. But before Orihime would let Rukia read that, she had the female read first The Avenging Angel. Rukia found herself blinking a couple of times. "That would so never happen."

"I know! But wouldn't it make a good movie?" Orihime asked.

"Too bad they canceled the film festival." Rukia found herself pouting, but she wrote out a review. "Orihime-chan pointed this out to me and I think it is funny!"

"What is up with you two... you are not Orihime and Rukia..." came the response.

"Ehh... did you receive a lot of responses like this Inoue?" The small female asked.

"Yeah. She said I couldn't possibly know the characters for Bleach. What though, is this bleach thing? I don't bleach my hair." Orihime frowned, placing a hand on her chin.

"That is weird..." Rukia stated, continuing onto the next story.

Orihime-chan's review was already up. "I like this story. I get to be the bad guy again."

"I like how your story is a nice companion piece to Avenging Angel." Rukia wrote out. "However, if Ichigo saw my boobs, I would seriously make sure he died then and there." Both received more responses along the lines of the writer being weirded out.

The small female shinigami then came across a fanfic called Rhapsody Orange and Red to which Orihime tried to get her not to read. She went in there and red the fanfic anyways, leaving a review. "I'm sorry, but this is so not Ichigo." She then glanced up at Orihime. "What does Yuri mean?"

At that, Orihime found her face flushing. "That mean that it is a romantic relationship not between a guy and a girl, but... but... between... two girls..."

"Ehh... gross. Who are the two..." Rukia paused, suddenly paling. "That's just... no. Just, no."

"I know! We're just best friends!" Orihime shook her head. "Next fic."

"Oh! Orihime! You'll love this one! It is so romantic! Though Ichigo would likely blow a gasket if he saw it." Rukia stated reading First Kiss. She then typed in a review. "My friend Orihime-chan is so going to love this!"

At that, Orihime found herself pausing for quite a bit of time, a major blush growing on her cheeks. "While I think it is more likely that Ichigo likes Rukia, I really like the fact that I got such a romantic moment with him. And it involved my brother."

The next one they read was Princess Orihime, to which the two girls gushed over. Orihime then went and introduced Rukia to some older ones; Ichigo's Twin Sister, Ichigo's Rival and Oshima's Girl. Rukia found herself responding in similar manner to the one by Animus Rover as her friend, not to mention she felt pity for the girlfriend of Oshima. However, on the story that Jolene wrote, both girls had varied opinions.

Rukia found herself writing her own review. "I am going to agree with your other reviewers. Amity is not a likable character. I also think that from my mannerisms, she should have been able to tell I was a girl, so she also comes across as a bit daft.

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