chapter 3

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Ariana gripped her companion's hand while getting out of the elevator of the residential building where they were going to spend the evening, even though the plans she had in mind were very different from a boring party filled with useless chatter. She would have preferred staying home making love to her wife, going out for dinner at most, since their jobs stole too much time away from their marriage.

Her eyes found the door they were heading to and she frowned when she saw a blonde girl and Y/N getting out of that same door, a smirk on her lips.

She was astonished.

She really wanted to burst into Y/N's apartment, throw the documents she had stored on the bottom of her briefcase in her face and shout that she was an idiot.

To be completely honest, she didn't know why she hadn't done it yet. Maybe she was still hoping that Y/N could find her brain back and remember the name on the paper she signed six years ago. Sure, it hasn't been the best moment in her life and she knew all too well that Y/N got married just to get what was hers but she couldn't believe that she didn't even look at the name on the paper.

“You're running, slow down.”

The amused voice of her wife tamed her fast steps, the girl who just emerged from Y/N's apartment swayed her hips past them, sorting her blonde curls. Ariana's face crumpled in disgust.

“I know you're not into blondes, but it's not nice to make those faces to women, my love.”

“I'm gonna shove those documents and her damn contract up her sorry ass.” She growled.

She didn't even bother to knock, she let herself in as if it was her home. She was surprised to find Y/n fully dressed, staring out of the window whilst sipping on a scotch.

“I really hope you're joking.” She began, not even bothering to greet her.

Y/n turned to her, an eyebrow raised in confusion. “About what? You should be more specific. Hello, Cara. Would you like something to drink?”

“Whiskey, please, but don't bother: I can help myself.” She assured her, stepping to the minibar.

“Where do you want me to start?” Ariana barked “From that blondie that just left, who you fucked, pretending she was someone else? Or from the useless searching about Shawn Mendes that you made me do? Or, again, from that ridiculous contract you forced me to draw up?”

“I really don't believe that anyone can force you to do anything, Ariana.” She pointed out with a smile.

“I can.” Cara interjected, from where she stood. “But she doesn't complain about that...”

Y/n left her comment unnoticed and went on. “And since you're my lawyer, is it not amongst your duties to mind my interests?”

Ariana's jaw clenched, her fingers gripping the briefcase.

“If you think you're gonna get her this way, you are so very wrong, Y/N.” Ariana said flatly, throwing the contract on the table.

“Don't worry about me, Ariana, I know what I'm doing.”

“I really hope so.” She admonished. “All of this is wrong, and you know it.” She pointed a finger at her, when she saw her smiling softly. “And get that grin off your face, before l smack it off.”

The bell rang, announcing the first guest of the party, so Ariana dropped the argument, at least for the moment. She knew too well that she'd never be able to change Y/N's mind, but that didn't mean she wouldn't pester her till the end of her days.

Cara joined her, handing her a glass of wine with a smile. “She'll never change her mind.”

Ariana didn't answer, she took the glass watching Y/n welcome her first guests. “I hope that Camila will be smart enough not to show up.”

“She'll come, she likes her.” Cara said. “Y/n is irresistible.”

“Yeah, but she's gonna get burnt, if she's not careful…” Ariana replied softly, her gaze on Y/n.

That couldn't end well at all, she knew for sure.

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