Chapter 10 ~ Delayed Temptation

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Toby’s P.O.V

I waited in the car and when they didn’t come, I got worried. Finally, I see Clare walking out of the building. She got in the passenger seat beside me and slammed the door loudly.

“Clare, chill with the door”

“I’m sorry” she crossed her arms.

“Where’s Lindsey? Is she coming?”

“I don’t know. She stayed behind, saying she had someone to talk to” I looked over and saw her walking slowly out the door. She got into the car and I drove off. Lindsey’s phone whistled and I laughed.

“What, that’s my ringtone, so shut up!”

“It’s cute, who are you texting?” I asked.

“My friend Steven, he still needs someone to interview and he’s asking me for help” I laughed again; my unpaid intern, Steven haha; that’s such a coincidence.

“Oh really. Maybe he should interview Clare” We laughed and Clare snarled.

“No thank you, I don’t do high school projects” she said in a harsh way. I looked at Lindsey in the rearview mirror and she too didn’t look too happy. So, the rest of the ride was silent until a song started playing on the radio. Lindsey got pumped and started singing. I enjoyed it but Clare… well… she turned off the radio and the car ride got even more silent than before. When we got home Clare left in her car while Lindsey and I sat silently in the living room. She looked over at me then we blurt out laughing like crazy.

“Is Clare always like that? A real buzz kill” she asked.

“No, but tonight she was in a bad mood I guess. She’s usually the one blurting out singing in the car” I told her as I went over to my computer.

“Toby, tomorrow you have to be at the Annoying Orange shoot again so you’re definitely not sleeping after midnight. Don’t forget to vlog because you tend to wake up at four in the morning to do it”

“Thanks for reminding me, I’ll just vlog now”

“That reminds me…” I started vlogging.

“Audience wha- what are you doing staring at a notepad? Who is this hothothot girl?”

“I have to write some things down… excuse me” she said then walked off. I kept talking and talking about Annoying Orange, I got side tracked now and then but Lindsey would always scream out what I was talking about when I’d ask myself a rhetorical question.

“Hey Toby, do you think this is okay for my report?” she asked loudly. I popped my head into the room where she was.

“IM VLOGGING! Nah, I’m just playing. What is it?” I asked.

“Since I’m writing about you I wrote procrastinator who likes yelling and leaving things for the last second even though he knows that he doesn’t have time for such…”

“That is not true I get work down… at some point”

“You see audience, Toby still needs to work on TobyGames videos and he has to go to bed before midnight” she said.

“No, don’t listen to her she’s crazy. This is a good way to end a vlog. Bless your face! If you sneezed during this video bless you!” She took my phone and ran away. I followed.

“If you want to enter to win a T-shirt post a convincing comment telling Toby that he shouldn’t procrastinate” I grabbed her and pulled her close.

“Give me that” I took it away from her.

“Like she said, if you want to enter to win a T-shirt post a comment about the annoying orange, films, costumes, mustaches or…”

“Procrastination!” she yelled as she jumped into the shot behind me.

“Shh! Peace off! Boop!” I yelled then ended the video. I posted it then turned to face her. “Do you really need to remind me every two seconds that I’m late on schedule?”

“No, not every two seconds. I let you vlog then I reminded you and I always will because as an actor in training I’ve learned that you should never leave things for the last minute” Never leave things for the last minute…

I rushed to her and put my hands on either side of her face. She put her hands on mine immediately. I stared into her eyes and convinced myself more and more that I had to confess my love to her but… I’m not even sure what I feel.

“Toby, have you started processing your gaming videos? You know how long they take” she said softly. I closed my eyes and sighed.

“Yeah, you’re right” I messed up her hair then went off to process my gaming videos so they’d publish early in the morning. She was sitting next to me the whole time. Then when they were in the process of publishing I picked her up over my head then flipped her onto the bed. She laughed as she hung off both sides of the bed.

“I think we should go to sleep before it gets any later, but my car is at my house. How am I going to get to school?” she asked as she sat up.

“I’ll take you of course, I always wake up around the time you do anyway” I said as I jumped onto the bed. She bounced then lied back onto my stomach.

“Are you sure? I mean, I don’t want to be a bother. You’re busy and I can always take the bus”

“Hey, I’m completely sure. When I go pick you up after school we’ll go to your house and you can bring your car here”

“Okay…” she said then yawned. “Aren’t you going to change into something more comfortable? I don’t think that sleeping in jeans is very snug”

“I can tell you the same thing but yours are shorts”

“I’m going to change them right now actually. Mind if I get one of your Tobuscus shirts to sleep in” she said as she got up and went over to my closet.

“No, I don’t mind, go ahead” She looked for a T-shirt twice her size. I got up and put on some PJ’s as well. I lied down and stared at her trying to pick a color for the shirt, she picked the green one. She lied down and the shirt slipped off her hips to her waist. I bit my lip and turned away. She covered herself with a blanket and I turned out the light.


“Goodnight…” I told her. I tried not to think about it and I think I succeeded because I soon fell asleep.

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