Before He Cheats

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I've been listening to this song  (Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood) a lot lately so that song inspired this one shot.


I'm done! I can't fucking do this! Vic're dead to me!

I could see my boyfriend - now to me, but soon to him ex - in the bar. He was buying a fruity little drink for some bleach blonde tramp who can't shoot whiskey. He started dancing with her as she started getting a little too frisky.

He kept doing this and I new where this was heading. After the song finished, they went to the pool table so he could "teach" her how to play. She stuck out her ass as he stood behind her.

Vic you asshole.

She's probably seducing him, telling him she's drunk and he's thinking he's gonna get lucky.

I'm gonna save a little trouble for the next guy or girl in case he cheats, because next time it won't be on me! (Slay Kellin slay!)

I saw them sit back down. I've had my suspicions for a while now, this just confirmed it. I went to my car and took out some stuff.

I dug my key into his souped up four wheel ride. I carved my name into his leather seats. I smashed his headlights, windshield, and windows with a sledgehammer ( even though Carrie Underwood only did that to the headlights), and then I made a hole on all four wheels.

Next time, he'll think before he cheats.


Yeah, I just went all country up on y'all! This song is gr8 and if you haven't heard it then you should. I actually did quote some of the song. Okai bai you kawaii sempiturtles!

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