Alexander's P.O.V

So Jo thinks she can escape me. Oh how cute she is! Not that easy. When I was a human girls who weren't married by Jo's age were left to die alone.

She's lucky she actually has something about her that appeals to me. I could've killed her. She was a twelve year old when I took her family. She's lucky I spared her. She will be mine. I'll turn her pretty boys on her. See how much she likes that!

That actually sounds good to me. I think I'll take the dark haired one. He'd be a good solider.

2 Days Later (Still Alexander's P.O.V)

I walk into the room where Jo and Brandon are sleeping. Makes me want to barf. I would kill him if he wouldn't be a good vampire for that.

I have my best friend here with me, His name is Xander. (Who will be cast as Stephen Amell).

We grab Brandon and leave. He's still sleeping! Easy.


So this one sucked.

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