The World Isn't Just For Boys

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I took a deep breath and said the house numbers one more time quietly to myself as I double checked this was the right house for the fifth time. I couldn't of the only one trying out because there were more cars parked in front of the house.

I didn't know If I could do this, I've never played in front of anyone but Amelia. My hands began to shake and I thought about just driving back home and telling Amelia I blew it, but she would know it was a lie.

I finally made my body get out of the car and pull my acoustic guitar from the back seat and slung the strap over my shoulder. I kept telling myself maybe I could do it, I had to do it, I hadn't been playing since I was ten for nothing.

As I walked up the walk way I tried to think of a way to drive myself. then I just knew, anger, anger from Pete, suddenly I knew just the song to sing. I knock on the red door that was surrounded by perfectly trimmed hedges.

"Hey! You must be Paige, you almost didn't make it. I'm Kevin, we spoke on the phone, come on in." The tall, blonde haired blue eyed, pierced up guy said and led me into the living room with five other guys sitting around.

"Just have a seat with the other guys and I'll tell the rest of the band your here." He said before walking out of the living room.

I took a seat on the couch next to a heavy guy with a Fender guitar. The guys all looked at me strangely and kind of with disgust, which only added fuel to my fire. Were they looking at me like that because I was a girl or because I really didn't look like I belonged here?  I didn't belong here though really.

"Paige, come on back." Kevin said appearing in the living room again. He led me through a kitchen and down some stairs to a basement area where there were two guys sitting on stools that made a half circle around an empty one in the middle.

"Have a seat" Kevin said as he took the last empty one next to the two other guys. I sat down on the stool in the middle, all eyes on me.

"I'm Nate, the bass player" a guy with very short brown hair said.

"I'm Kevin, of course, and I'm the drummer" the blonde guy said.

"Blake, lead guitar. You're late." A short tan guy with brown eyes and a black Mohawk said as he slumped back in his chair like he was tired.

"Sorry." I said weakly.

"It's really fine, We're glad you made it." The tall,  brown shot haired one apparently named Nate said.

"You mind if we ask you some questions first?" Kevin asked and I nodded.

"You don't talk much, are you nervous?" Kevin asked with a smile.

"It was worse before." I said pushing myself out of my shell a little more.

"Its okay, were not bad guys... well, Blake is." Nate said with a laugh causing Blake to just shrug.

"Have you been in any other bands?" Kevin asked.

"Nope. I actually didn't even want to try out for this one to be honest. My friend pushed me to for it." I said being honest.

"Do you know of any other local bands?" Kevin asked.

"A few guys in fall out boy are friends." I watched each one of their faces take on surprised looks.

"You're joking." Blake said as if I was blatantly lying.

"No, why would I be joking? The singer, Patrick, and I had lunch together today, why?" I said getting sick of Blake's attitude.

"They're just well known in Illinois, their like on top." Nate explained "How long have you been playing guitar and singing?"

"I've been playing guitar for ten years and I've never sang in front of anyone but my best friend."

"This should be good." Blake muttered making me feel embarrassed.

"Do you write your own stuff?" Kevin still took the lead with the questions.

"Music and lyrics" I confirmed.

"Well, let's hear it." Nate said then they all tuned into me.

I began to play and sing as if my life depended on it to a song I wrote called 'That's all you were' the lyrics were full of hate to a sad melody. I put in all the feelings I had for Pete into the song as if cleaning my emotions out via song. All I thought about was how I never wanted to see Pete again. I almost forgot anyone was listening until the song ended and I noticed them just looking at me.

"Can you play us another one?" Nate asked. My nerves had slowly melted away and were almost non existent by this point.

"Sure" I agreed and began to play a catchy sing I wrote called 'The Sea'

"Thanks Paige" Kevin said with a smile once I had finished. "Could you go back up to the living room while we talk?" I nodded and quietly headed back up to the living room.

As I waited on the couch with the only three guys left in the room. I wondered where the two other guys went and how I did.

When Kevin came back into the living room he gave a weird look at the three guys left and me.

"Where's Jack and Drew?" He asked and one of the three guys spoke up.

"They left because they heard her." The guy said and looked at me and my eyebrows shot up in surprise. Was I really that extremely good or bad enough to make them leave?

"Oh, well she's in, sorry guys." Kevin shrugged and the three guys got up and headed for the door. "Come back down to the basement" Kevin said and led me back down and I sat back down on my stool.

"You did really well" Kevin began in front of the others. "But I'm going to be honest, we thought that maybe having a female vocalist would throw us off a bit and no one would take us seriously. But then we realized you met all of our qualifications amazingly, and no other Chicago band has a female singer so it would make us stand out and people would remember us. You are exactly what we need."

"Congratulations and welcome to Astoria." Nate held out his hand for me to shake.

"So that's the name of your band" I said in realization making the guys laugh as I shook Nate's hand.

"Band practice is on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. We're also having practice tomorrow at five to get you aquanted to things, and for us to get aquanted to you." Kevin said.

"Sounds good."

I had done it, and won

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