- Hannah -


"Woah wait, back up." I spoke on the phone. "Harry, got drunk because?"

"No reason, we were having too much fun and then bam." Blue sighed.

"And you forgave him?" I groaned. "God, not with this again Blue. He knows you'll let him through easy, that's why. You're married to him now, so you know you can take advantage of that. Show him who's boss, and let him know when and when you don't want things! Emma and Tyler are there too, what is he even thinking, risking it like that?"

"Hey, but it's over and done with. I forgave him and it's done. He promised me he won't let it happen again."

"Harry never keeps promises. Well, he does but then he finds some sort of way to break it first." I shrugged. "I know him."

"Well not as good as I do. I know he won't try anything again. Or at least, I think so?.." Her voice trailed.

"You know, let's not even worry about that anymore." I mumbled.

"So how was Paris?"

"Great, I nailed the show! It made it onto E! News you know? And there was an article of it in People Magazine, on last week's edition! It's crazy."

Yeah well aside from being Niall's girlfriend, yeah it was pretty insane.

"Let me guess, you're in Narnia now aren't you?"

"Not exactly, I'm actually in New York right now. You will never guess who I ran into!" I decided to bring up. I was actually wondering what her reaction would be exactly.

"I don't know who? And New York? Oh my god, that's amazing." She beamed.

"I ran into Dylan." I said, a silence on the other line. "Blue."

"Oh, how is he doing?" I hear shuffling at the end of the line as well.

"Well he said hi, I said oh what the hell.'' Smirking, I chuckled. ''It was awkward, really. He laughed, and asked me about you and everything, how you were doing."

"What really? What'd you say?" She asked curiously. "I'm surprised he even remembers me."





Turning around to the unfamiliar voice, my eyes slightly widened.


"Hey." He laughs, nodding slowly.

"What the hell." I mumbled, a small smirk on his face.

"Yeah, I know. How've you been?"

"Fashion designer now, actually. Working for a bunch of fashion shows all over the country, you know, no biggy." I purposely showed off, just 'cause.. I mean if you had such an amazing job, you would want to show it off sometimes right? Right.

"Wow, yeah actually. I saw you in an article on People Magazine. Page--"

"Thirty six," We both say in unison, as I force a small laugh. "So what are you doing in New York?"

"Well, I kind of work here, I'm a manager at Madison Square Garden. For all the performances and arrangements and everything." He says.

"For real?" I asked stupidly, as he nods.

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