Here Lauren and I crossed the parking lot and entered the resturant. I held the door open for a woman desperately running to try and get out of the sudden downpour. I looked up at the sky and pulled away from the door once the woman was inside.

        My mom waved Lauren and I over from a table in the back. She had already ordered us drinks and had gotten an appetizer, "Wow." I say as I sit down, "Thanks, Mom."

        "No problem, college girl." she laughs with Lauren.

        I roll my eyes and laugh, "Would you guys cut it out?" I say as I grab a mozerella stick, "I'm still a senior."

        "Yeah, but you were accepted to a college! And this early! It's impressive," Lauren grabs one too, "You're the only one besides Kira who had gotten a college acception this early. Maybe even earlier."

        "Yeah," I say suddenly feeling a bit sick, "but Kira never became a college girl."

        Lauren gets quiet, catching the hint, but my mother continues to speak, "Kira, do you mean Kira Larkson? Poor girl, you know, you guys were friends when you were younger. You never told me what had happened, Bailey."

        I catch her eye and sigh, "It just didn't work, okay?"

        She opens her mouth to speak but Lauren coughs, "Ms. Evans, do you remember the first time that I came over?"

        My mom turns to her and chuckles, "How could I forget?"

        Lauren laughed, "So, I was really nervous, knowing how strict you were about her friends, and so I was going in and out of consciousness I'm sure on the way there.

        So, we get there, and Bails is sitting on the mailbox, and my mom drives up and she asks her why she's there. And Bailey says, 'My mom kicked me out because I told her that your mom was a liberal.'"

        I interrupt, "How did I even know what liberal's were?"

        "I don't know, now shush, college girl, I'm trying to speak." Lauren flips her hair teasingly and continues, "So, of course, my mom freaks out, but she plays it cool and let's me spend the night because she was going to be late for her shift. 

        I walk in, and you walk over in these fuzzy pajamas and you stare at me with a pure look of terror, which makes me nervous so-"

        "So you peed," My mom finishes, "right there on the floor."

        We all crack up and watch Lauren's face turn red. She takes a sip of her drink before the wiater tries to take our order.

        "Now," Lauren rubs her stomach, "that was a meal."

        My mother places her napkin on her plate and sighs, "I haven't eaten here in forver. I see why, now, it nearly puts you in a food coma."

        I shove one of Lauren's rolls into my mouth and she rolls her eyes, "How are you not dying?"

        I shrug and press the food into my cheek, "I'm starving!"

        "You literally ate all of your food, halfof my side order, and three of Lauren's rolls!" My mom exclaims.

        "Man, thats new. I ususally eat more than that."

        "How are you not fat?" Lauren says as she slowly hides her rolls under the table. I laugh and shrug.

        The waiter comes by with out check and my Mom thanks him, "You girls should get going, Bailey, I'll catch up with youat home."

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