Chapter 1

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 I usually sleep though the night and don't wake up till my noisy alarm wakes me. No dreams to think about;to wonder about when I wake up. Then I go about my day with no crazy wandering thoughts. Dreams only came occasionally, every once in a while. That was until seven nights ago. I've dreamt every night this week and wanting to find the meaning of them has been eating me away. I'm slightly afraid i'll stop dreaming. I really think there's meaning to them, I mean there has to be meaning to them.

 First dream was me in a world slimier to wonderland. I was sitting on a huge flower, chewing gum, blowing bubbles in a dress someone from the 1870's would wear. It seemed as if I was in a clouded daze. Barely noticing the present of a boy who looked a tad bit older then me sitting near me. When I did notice the boy, he was starring at me already and asked me "You really like gum, don't you," in which I simply responded with "I think you already know." and with that I smoke took over both and I woke up coughing.

 Dream two I was with my father at a dinner table in fancy looking restaurant. I could barely see in the purple dim lights. Looking around I notice every table around ours has a different color light above them. My father shaking has head obviously disapproving of something. Looking down at my hands in my lap, I see a hand wrapped around my own left one. Looking up to match the hand with a face I see the blonde boy again. The slightest bit of sweat on his hairline and a frown covering his face. The boy looks at me gives a short smile. I finally zone back in to reality and in listen to my father's words. "It's toxic, what you're calling love is toxic," sighing quickly he looks up and finishes his sentence "and I won't approve of it." The boy holding my hand squeezes and spits out "You don't know the difference between love and toxic so don't pretend you do." he then kisses my hand and leaves the table. I hold my head in my hands then it's over, I woke up.

 Night three I had a nightmare. I've tried to forget it but like every dream I remember as if it was a memory from my past. I was on tall building in freezing weather walking backwards only stopping when the back of legs hit the railing. I heard footsteps coming near, then a door slamming shut. Then the same boy in every dream running to me. That's when I took a step back and heard the boy screaming my name bloody murder. My ears were ringing when I woke up. The dream replayed and replayed. I couldn't stop it from repeating even though I tried so hard to.

  No smile shines as bright as the blue eyed boy's smile. Seeing his smile made night four the best at of all the dreams. We were lying on a hill surrounded by daisies and four leaf clovers, watching the horizon sky color's mix from purple to pink color. A butterfly flew from the west side of the field and landed on the boy's tummy. At that moment everything was perfect, even though it was just a dream it was perfectThe boy smiled from ear to ear while looking between the butterfly and I. The butterfly flew away when the boy giggled and leaving us with the memory of the beauty of that moment.

  Night number five I had the most realist dream I've had. I don't even remember falling asleep. In the dream I got woken up by the same blonde boy calling my name. "Elizabeth," even louder and serious than before "Elizabeth Lynn." with worry laced his voice. That time I woke up, in the dream that is. With no knowledge of me being awake the boy scattered in the dark to my bed,  joining me in the warmth  once close enough to the bed. "How may I help you?" I mumbled once getting comfortable yet again. "I just missed  you" he says quietly. "Loser" I mumble. He lets a giggle slip out while snuggling into my pillows. "Comfy?' I ask watching him bury himself even more in the pillow. "Why yes, I am. Thanks for asking." He breaths in for a moment "This pillow smells just like you, I love it". It was my turn to giggle, "And what exactly do I smell like?" I ask kinda sassy sounding. "Heaven", I just nodded not asking what does heaven smell like or anything just looked at his pleasant face.  

  I sat in the swing in my old backyard. The only light being the moon and stars. There was a light sound of crickets, wind, and my own teeth chattering. I stare at the backdoor, the house just looks so abandoned, so old.  I look at the house seeing it covered vines for a couple minutes. It wasn't like that when I lived there. The backdoor opens, very slowly with a slight screech. A man in black jeans and black hoodie covering his face steps out. My breath hitches but I don't move, I feel scared. The man walks right in front of me, brings his hands up to the hood covering his face ready to pull the hood off. Then I wake up, I'm confused and I really want to know who that man was.

  I was eager to go to bed that night, it's probably wishful thinking but I really hope that maybe i'll found out who the man in the hood was. I crawl into bed with tired limbs. I feel like I haven't slept at all this week. But I have been, I've just been dreaming. I fall asleep quickly, once settled in bed for awhile. Then suddenly I'm in my old house again, in my old bedroom, my old bed. I don't fit and my feet are dangling at the end of the bed. I sit up rather fast after starring at the ceiling for a bit, I bring my legs up to my chest and I lean against the wall behind me. I bite my lip while looking around the bedroom.I take note of  the flowers my mom painted on the walls and one doll I had.  My teeth dig into my bottom lip quite harshly before the metal taste of blood invades my mouth. When I decided to just ignore the pain in my lip the door opens harshly. My heartbeat jumps, while my head turns towards the doors. There again is the man in the hood.

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