How the Dorado Constellation Came To Be

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Once upon a time, there lived a school of flying fish. They were happy, because unlike their fishy friends, they could never have the phrase 'a fish out of water' used on them, after all, they could go out of water. In this way, they grew to become quite arrogant, because they believed they would never be out of place. They started to tease the other fish, something which the Earth Mother - creator of all - was not happy about. The flying fish continued to grow in arrogance and dwindle in respect until the Earth Mother finally decided to do something to prevent the situation from worsening. With a heavy heart, she gathered up all the flying fish, and banished them to the sky, where they formed the constellation Volans. The thing she didn't realise though, was that she missed a pair of flying fish, so the species remains alive to this day.


'Hang on a moment, that's not about the Dorado constellation,' I hear you say. Well, you are right, and this is where our story continues . . .

As time went by in space, the school of flying fish became restless and began to cause havoc yet again, only this time, the Earth Mother was prepared. Being all-knowing, she sent some dolphinfish into the sky, aware that they were fond of chasing flying fish, and they formed the constellation Dorado. To this day, Dorado remains the neighbour of Volans, always there to chase the flying fish into order and make sure they don't put a toe, or a tail, out of line.

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