Chapter 4

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Lexi POV

"You like Cole?" I stuttered.

"Yea. Why?" Marisa asked curiously.

"Nothing." I mumbled and walked over to Annie and Hannah.

"What's wrong?" Annie asked.

"Marisa likes Cole." I groaned.

They both groaned. Now I have no chance. Marisa is super popular and known. I saw Cole and Marisa laughing together. My eyes filled with tears. No I can't do this. I won't let a boy get in my way. I got up and bumped into Cole.

"Oh hey. Sorry Lexi." He apologized.

"Oh it's fine." I said.

He looked into my eyes and we pretty much just froze. Enjoying this little moment. Of course Marisa had to ruin it by barging in.

"Come on Cole." She giggled pulling him away.

Hannah POV

I was talking with Annie until Marisa pulled me away.

"What do you want?" I asked rolling my eyes.

"Tell Lexi I know she likes Cole, but she can't have him because he's mine. She had her chance." She smirked walking away. I would have slapped that smirk off her face, but NOOO.

I walked up to Lexi and explained everything Marisa said to me.

"I can't believe her!" She shouted tears falling from her eyes.

"Lex-" Annie was interrupted.

"No just stop." She said before running off.

Lexi POV

it's official. I hate Marisa. I ran but bumped into someone.

"Woah you okay?" That voice was from the one and only...Cole.

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