Chapter 23

Blow by Ke$ha

Evangelena's POV

Music was pulsating through the house as I walked in behind Michelle, Charlotte, and Martin. Martin insisted on driving us to the party if we were going to be drinking tonight. He said he didn't want to rehash what happened in LA and really I didn't either. However, this time it was different. One, we were in the UK where we were all of legal drinking age. Two, everyone knew about the party this time including Uncle Michael. I don't know if he was happy we were having a party such a short time after we had gotten in trouble for the last one but what was he going to do? We did our part and told Martin and Paul that we were having this party and they were making sure that nothing happened to us considering this is a real party, not just the bands hanging out. So, he can't be angry with us. We knew anything could happen when there were this many people in one house hold. Anyone could show up. Our body guards were there to make sure that it remained safe.

Tido stood in the foyer greeting us as we made our way through the obviously drunk guest. There were people I recognized and then people I didn't. I spotted Jack and Gabrielle dancing in the living room to the music. Zayn was behind the DJ stand with Perri standing close by. I waved to both of them as we walked towards the kitchen. Memories of what happened this morning between Harry and I flooded my mind as we entered the sleek kitchen. I don't know what took over me. It happened so quickly. I thought of how Harry's lips on mine made me lose my breath. His fingertips gliding across my bare skin sent shivers up my spine. My sister had to ruin the moment between me and Harry leaving me wanton of the curly haired lad. I didn't know how far I would have let him go. But the way I was feeling at the time, I would have probably let him go further. It felt so right at the moment but as the day dragged on I had second thoughts. I loved the feeling of his lips on mine. I loved the feeling when he touched my breast and ran his finger across my nipple but it was just too soon. I wanted it to be slow and letting him do that was not going slow.

I made that mistake with Stephen. The first night we were together I had sex with him. I don't want to relive the past. I know Harry is nothing like Stephen, but I still just want our relationship to be different. I want it to be better. I want it to have more meaning.

I was a little nervous to see Harry tonight but at the same time I wanted to see him. He wasn't in the kitchen but Lou, Tom, Liam, and Gemma were standing with cups in hand. They all greeted us as we walked closer.

"Oh my God! I was wondering where you two were! You both look so fit!" Gemma screeched embracing Michelle and me. Michelle and I decided to wear matching outfits tonight just like we use to do when we went to parties. We would always wear the same dress but wear different colors. It was our twin thing.

"You look fit too!" I commented looking at her tight blue dress that had a sweetheart neckline showing off a little cleavage. I'm surprised my brother kept his eyes focused on Gabrielle when Gemma was around but of course the French woman did look just as fit. "By the way, I am ready to get this party started." I said doing a little shimmy.

"Excellent because we are going to party the night away!" Gemma giggled linking mine and her arms together. "Are you going to introduce me to your friends or do I need to introduce myself?"

"Oh right, sorry." I said looking to Martin and Charlotte who were now standing with Lou and Tom. "Gemma this is Martin and Charlotte. Martin's our tour manager and Charlotte is our hair dresser and also my assistant at Chancellornomics." They greeted each other warmly.

"Would you all like something to drink?" Tom asked who was standing close to refrigerator.

"Yes, please!" we girls said together as Martin declined the offer.

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