The rest of the weekend was pretty low key. It's easy to ignore someone if you are inside all day.

Now it was Monday and i was about to convince my mom I was sick.

"Mom," I groaned. I faked a cough. "I don't feel well."

She studied me carefully determining if I was lying or not. I faked a sneeze on her.

"Ew." She mustered. "Stay home and feel better." She air kissed my forehead, not wanting to touch the "germs".

She locked the door and left. I dialed Mandy.

"Hey I'm on my way." She said through the phone. She arrived 5 minutes later, pulling up in a white convertible.

"Sweet ride." I said, hopping in.

"Thanks. It was a present from my dad. I share it with Kyle but he's at school so it's all mine today." She grinned.

We took off and headed towards the mall. We walked in to a shop. I hoped during this time, I would get closer to Amanda.

We selected a few things and headed towards the dressing room. I pulled the first shirt I got off the hanger and slipped it on. It fit good. A little snug but it was supposed to be. It was a light blue, thin long sleeve shirt. I was wearing a white bandeau that peeked up at the top. I let my wavy hair fall down to the sides.

I crept out of the room and so did Amanda. "Oh my god." She said.

"What?" I said nervous.

"You look amazing!"

I sighed in relief.

"Do you think I should wear it wednesday?" I asked shyly.

She nodded and spun around in a purple sundress that looked super pretty on her.

I ended up buying the shirt. Hey if it looks good, why not? We were heading to eat. We got pizza and sat down in a booth against the window in the back.

"what can I get for you girls?" The waitress kindly said.

"Um, cheese with ham on top please." We both said.

The lady laughed. "Sisters always do that."

Now we laughed. "She's not my sister. We are just friends." Mandy clarified.

The lady look stunned as she walked away.

I shrugged and laughed. "I guess it's the blond hair blue eyes thing."


Amanda dropped me off afterwards. My mom would be home soon.

When she got home we are and I said I needed rest. I checked to see if he wrote me a note. He didn't.

On Tuesday, bella came. We were sitting at a diner in town.

"Are you really going to tell him how you feel?" She questioned.

I thought about it. I should and I want to but I'm terrified, petrified of his reaction.

"Cam, you okay?" She wore a concerned expression.

I took a sip of water and nodded. "I'm going to tell him."

She smiled. "I for one, ship it."

"Ship it?" I said raising my eyebrows.

"I like you guys together. Jeez cam, get with it!" She said laughing.

I laughed also. It felt good to have friends again. Friends that didn't leave.

Mandy came shortly after to join us. When she walked in, she sat next to me.

"Hold up," Bella said looking between us both. "You guys looks identical!" She said gasping.

We burst out laughing. "Yea just the hair and eyes Bella."

She shook her head and went back to glancing at the menu.

At night I was "feeling better" which meant school tommrow. But I didn't mind. He was there.

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