Japan scarlets pov

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"Hello scarlet, can I dance with you?,"said Japan.I turned around and blushed when I saw him he look irresistible in his tuxedo." Of course!",

I said taking his hand blushing."I'm not a good dancer though",I said looking down."just followed my lead scarlet",he said putting a hand around my waist.I gasped then suddenly blushed.

Suddenly I was dancing like I was dancing my whole life.when we finally stop he kissed me.I blushed as he kissed me."YEA SCARLET AND JAPAN FOREVER!", said america munching on a burger (really america?).we pulled apart and saw all of them watching us and we blushed.

"So does this mean we can kiss again?", he said putting an arm around my waist." Yep", I said blushing.then we kissed again and everybody went crazy.I hugged him and never wanted to let go.

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