Chapter 9

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Michael POV

The party was jumping. All I could see were people getting drunk, grinding and making out. I was looking for Arianna. I couldnt find her anywhere. Then I spotted her. I waved to her and she started to make her way over when this guy came out of no where and was talking to her. He was blocking her way, and Arianna was clearly uncomfortable. I started walking over to help her when he kissed her. I started to pick up my pace when he kissed her again. She seemed forced into it and I could tell she didnt like it. When I made it over I tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey! Get off her!" I shouted "No! Piss off man!" I got extremely mad when he started kissing her again. I grabbed him and threw him on the ground. He got straight up and punched me. Before I knew it security were pulling us apart and bringing us outside. "You are not aloud back in this party!" Shit.

Ariannas POV

Shit. Michael got kicked out. I hope he's alright. "Hey are you okay?" I heard a deep voice say. "Luke." I started crying and he hugged me. "It's alright. Let it out."

"Arianna?" I looked up, and as soon as I did our lips met. His lips were soft. He moved slowly and gently, it was amazing. I felt butterflies in my stomach, why did I feel this way. Soon enough the kiss ended but way too soon. I looked into Lukes sharp blue eyes. "Thanks." He smiled. "What?" "You were my first kiss." "Oh my god Luke im so sorry I didnt mean to waste it-" "Waste it? Arianna shut up." And soon enough our lips were together again.

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