Dertien. (Thirteen)

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August 13, 7:30 pm.

(A chapter in third person wowowowwo)

Charlie was still majorly upset at Calum, not wanting to think or speak about the boy that could have potentially given her a mental breakdown.

In fact, she hadn't spoken to, spoken of, or even heard of Calum hood for the past week and a half.

She was completely okay with staying in her small apartment all week and not having to deal with Calum's Friday night party's or stupid fucking games.

She was happy with her new friends, Luke, Em, Ashton and Michael.

Ashton and Em had come over a few times with Michael, but Luke hadn't really been around.

Charlie wasn't really sure how she felt about him.

She was convinced that Luke had been in on the whole ordeal with Calum, and it always made her angrier the more she thought about it; so she didn't.

She decided new friendships meant new beginnings, and anything that happened in the past could stay there.

Calum had texted her yesterday, his exact words being; hey, could you come over when you get a chance? I know you have this thing where you have bad anxiety about a situation where something went wrong and you're probably playing that stupid night over and over in your head and I really want to apologize. Lots of love, x'.

Since it was new beginnings, she knew that she would forgive Calum sooner or later, and she didn't want to waste her time pretending to be mad at him.

"Barker! Come here!" Michael says, making weird kissy noises at the black animal.

"I can't believe you named it barker. And the fact that it actually responds makes it even better." Charlie laughs, clicking away a few things opened on her computer screen.

"See, the name barker is amazing for two reasons. One; It's the last name of a guy from blink 182. Two; its a cat. Get it? Barker. Kind of ironic."

"Jesus Christ." She mumbles, holding back a laugh as the cat scurries off to find some food.

"So, what's on the agenda today?"Michael questions, leaning back into the couch and pulling out his phone.

"Calum texted me yesterday saying he wanted to talk. I don't know, I've literally known him for more then half of my life. It would be weird and terrible if I didn't talk to him anymore." She says, meeting Michael's eyes. "You can come along when I talk to him, if you'd like. We can like, get pizza or something when I'm done."

Michael nodded, pushing his hair (that was now red; Charlie helped him dye it) out of his face.

"We should probably get ready to go then." She sighs, slouching down further into the couch as Barker hops across the couch.

"Alright." Michael smiles.

Though he knew Calum and Charlie where good friends, he didn't really want them to be friends again.

Charlie was still hurt and embarrassed by Calum, and all she had done recently was think about how fucking stupid she was for actually believing that shit.

Michael felt like Calum was just generally a dick, though he agreed to tagging along.

They trudged down the stairs of Charlie's apartment, them deciding to take Michael's car.

Michaels car was the shittiest car she had ever seen.

Meaning the ten minute drive to Calum's without a radio or air conditioning made the red car with the white door seem even worse.

"You're saying a deer just ran into your car?" Charlie questions, examine the door as they pull up in front of Calum's house.

"Pretty much." Michael nods. "My uncle replaced it for me. He only had white."

Charlie nodded, stifling a laugh.

"Is not funny! I could have died." Michael protested, nudging her slightly as they walked up the cement together.

Charlie glanced down at her watch, clarifying that it was now eight o'clock.

Tapping on the door slightly, Charlie looked over to Michael for a bit of reassurance.

When nobody answered, Charlie shrugged, slowly opening the unlocked door.

Calum's car was in the driveway, so she didn't really worry about if he was home or not.

"You can sit out here for a bit, I'm just going to go and check out his room or something." Charlie says, offering Michael a small smile.

The red haired boy nods, smiling as well.

Charlie makes her way toward the hallway, sighing deeply once she realizes she can't hear any traces of Calum.

Could he really be asleep already? It's only eight thirty.

Knocking on Calum's door, she opens it, the creaking making her shiver.

What she saw she had not expected, I mean, who would expect something like that?

Screams filled the house, Michael quickly running to see what was wrong.

He didn't expect to scream as well.

What they saw made headlines all a crossed the country, all a crossed the world, even.

Calum Thomas Hood, Age eighteen, found dead in his house around eight thirty.

Sources say it is leaning towards a suicide, but the very few pieces of evidence they've seemed to gather does imply differently.

'He was a good man, and a happy one at that. He always brightened up someone's day, and i refuse to believe this was a suicide. Someone did this to him, and I will not rest until I find out who.' A witness reports.

But who would want to hurt someone like Calum?


I'm sorry if you liked Calum and you shipped calum and Charlie but I needed to spice things up a bit so here's this and I truly hope you're not mad ily

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