Chapter 33: The first gig

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The next day, I spent half the day at Maria's house. We sat in her living room, writing music.

"Lizzie," She was the only person I'll ever let call me Lizzie. For some odd reason, I feel really close to her. I guess it's because she's the only female friend I have, and because I trust her, and we're basically inseparable. She started calling me Lizzie after our third girls night out. We went to the movie's to see "If I Stay," and she said "Lizzie, this is depressing, let's go do something else," so we went to a bar and played pool for awhile.

"Yeah?" I answered.

"What's bothering you, you seem...uptight about something,"

"oh, um..tomorrow is the one year anniversary my mother died," I said, clearly my throat, continuing to write down some lyrics.

"Awe, I'm sorry. If you need anything I'm here," she said, rubbing my arm.

"Thanks, but I'd probably want to be alone tomorrow,"

Maria nodded her head. I looked at my watch, it was only 4:30, our show starts at 6:30.

"Excited about tonight?" She asked.

Oh, boy was I! I couldn't wait to get up on stage with the guys, and play like it's our first sold out show. This means it's one step closer to our dreams coming true. I begin to smile, and feel goosebumps forming into my skin. I nodded my head, and thought about scenarios for tonight. Would I be head banging a lot? Would I be whipping my hair a lot? Would I jump a lot? Maybe I should do all of the above, and then add some kind of dance. Maybe even crowd surf? I got even more excited.

Maria and decided to live web chat with her fans on YouNow, to past time. A bunch of people kept asking who I was, I told them that my name was Liz, and I'm close friends with Maria. They seemed to like me. Finally, it was time for me to get ready.

I took a shower and changed into red ripped skinny jeans, black canvas shoes, and a Chelsea Grin shirt. Maria ironed my hair and and did my make up. I met the guys at the club, where we were performing. We were back stage, they still looked nervous.

"Fuck, we're going to mess this up, I can feel it in my gut," Chase says as he nods.

"No, we're not! Think positive, there's not even that big of a crowd out there, just pretend in James' garage again," I said as I peeked out to see the small crowd of people. I was ready to go out on stage and give my all. I noticed a group of guys walking towards the front row, it was Chris, Ricky, Ryan, Josh, and Devin. I smiled. Then Maria walked to the front row also, and stood next to Chris. They smiled and whispered something.

"Okay, ladies and gentlemen, we have a new band that's going to be playing for us," The owner speaks into the mic. He was tall, and bald, covered with tattoos, not to mention he was buff. I grabbed my guitar after james and chase, Johnnie grabbed his sticks, then james grabbed his guitar, then chase. I heard the clapping and the cheering.


We rushed on stage, I saw that the crowd was bigger than I thought. Oh shit. I gulped. My hands began to trimble down my guitar, I looked at the guys, they looked like they weren't nervous anymore. I felt sweaty, and weak. Once I adjusted the mic stand, Johnnie counted to three with his sticks and started the band off. I played along with the band. When I opened my mouth to sing, no words came out.

"We can't hear you!!" Someone in the crowd said.

"Sing!!" James said.

The crowd started too boo us. The guys looked a little disappointed. Chris mouthed, "You can do it,"

The owner finally got back on stage and made us stop the music, he yelled at us for being scared and he said we sucked. I was embarrassed. And I was mad. Mad at myself for fucking this up. Right before he made us leave, I heard chris say "Fuck that," then he literally jumped on stage.

"Give them a second chance, please," he begged the owner.

"They suck, no!" He responded.

"No, they don't, I've heard them play a few times, they're amazing, just give them another chance?"

The owner looked at us, then he nodded his head, then left the stage. I hugged Chris and thanked him. Chris jumped off stage, then we played again. We covered "Factory Girl" by The Pretty Reckless.

This time I didn't feel as nervous, but my hands and legs were still a bit shaky. The crowd began clapping along to the beat, whistling, and jumping in rhythm, including the guys Maria.

After the song was over, we performed our own song called "Let Go, Don't hold back," everyone seemed to have liked it.

After our performance was over, we thanked the pumped crowd and left stage. We immediately hugged each other in excitement.

"THAT FELT AMAZING" James yelled in excitement.



"WE DID AMAZING," I added, bringing them into another hug. MIW and Maria came backstage and hugged all of us.

"You all did outstanding!" Chris says as he brings me into a kiss. I hugged the rest of the guys and Maria. The owner, AKA, Chuck, came back stage.

"That was a very good performance, everyone loved you! How would you guys like to perform here every Friday and Saturday night from 7:00 to 9:00 for $150 an hour?" He asked. We all stared at each other, without a doubt, me and the band said yes immediately. We shook handd with Chuck and got ready to leave and play some video games all night as celebration.

After everyone left, Chris left me alone in the living room to change into his night clothes, (I already changed before him,) I switched the channels and stopped on a music channel and the video to America was on. I turned it up and began dancing and singing along to it.


Chris grabbed my arm and smiled, dancing and singing along with me. After the video went off, I turned off the tv.

"I'm hungry," Chris said as he nuzzled his nose into my chest, leaving small pecks.

"What do you want to eat?" I ask as I rub his hair. He looks up at me and smirked.

"I want something sweet..." he licks his lips, then shoves his tongue down my throat, we both lightly moan, he tugs at my shorts.

"Can I have a taste of you?" He whispers into my ear.

"Only if I can taste you too," I responded.

We smirked at each other, he picks me up bridal style and runs to his room.

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