Final Chapter: the final battle part 3

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Third Person POV

Jamie ran as fast as he could away from Luna. She caught up though and caused a bunch of shadows to prevent him from running. "Jamie you know you can't run from the night.." Luna muttered.

Jamie faced his fears and looked at Luna, "I know that. I don't like being afraid but I know your just an imagination."

Luna looked shocked at his words and became powerless. Pitch noticed and ran to her aid. He made Nightmares to guard them, and Luna couldn't believe it. She was just an imagination.

Lance's POV

I fought almost everyone at once, and winning. I saw Luna and Pitch become covered by Nightmares and I began to worry. The nightmares soon faded and Luna's eyes were glowing and she seemed to have new powers. Sol turned to her and his eyes began to glow. They flew into the air, staring at each other and the first one to move was Sol. He held his Sun Shield into the air and a beam of light came down from the sky and onto his shield. Luna raised both her swords together and a beam of shadows came from the sky.

They spoke together, "As night and day, together we stand. For we create time, and the special dates. Let us be one and have no arguments."

They seemed to aim the beam at each other and a symbol was created. It vanished and both of the fell weak. I ordered us to retreat because I knew we had lost from the start and Pitch followed behind with an angry glance. He returned to his den with Luna and I returned to my kingdom. We were never heard of again.

So I know I did all of these in a night but to be honest this book is terrible. I'm glad to get it out of my hair so I can think of new ideas. Much love to all my followers, readers, and votes! ~Scourge fan

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