Few months while They were dating

Maddys POV

I was so happy. I was going on a date not Angie, well not that shel know but still, YEA.

I walk up to my locker happy , getting for my 2 period, History, when I like 3 note fall out my locker. They all have my name on it with another guys name and I blush. What is making all this boys pay attention to me?, I ask myself.i turn around to see Angie, with a sorry face.

"Hey look Maddy. I'm so sorry for what I have done to you, I just want to tell you that I wanna be friends and I spread a good word out for you",she said and winked. I almost cried. I hugged her and said thank you so many times, but remembered my date with Issac.

"O shoot, yea I already have a boyfriend put thank you for the apology".

"Yea you. Um maybe you and your boyfriend can come sit with us for lunch", she said to me. I shook my head and the bell rong.


Issac POV

I walked out of 4 period to Maddys locker. Why you ask? Because we are going to eat lunch together. I walked to the locker and saw Maddy put her stuff away talking to Ang... Oh no. I walk to them and they were laughing.

"Hey Issac. Angie this is my boyfriend Issac and you already know her issac. O I was thinking we can sit next to her for lunch". I just shake my head and we walk.


10 minutes in the lunch room

Angie's POV 😋

I was happy for Maddy. I was bulling her and the drama at home she got something to take her mind off it. I just had to invite them to my party. "Hey. I'm having a party tonight, you guys should come."

I saw Maddy look at Issac and they both agreed "Yea" , they said and I told them the details.


Still Angie

I invited Maddy over to get ready with me since she doesn't have anything to wear. Trust me I know. We walked into my room, and strait to my closet. "So what you looking for, a dress or skirt".

"Neither. pants", she told me I looked at her and we gave each other the I-bet eyes. "Ok Maddy you dress me I'll dress you"

"Ok",she replied.

She went to my closet and she picked out a high-low skirt black skirt, with a light pink crop top with pink heels. I liked her style maybe I'm going to dress like this. She put it on the bed, so it was my turn. I picked out a black and red short flowy skirt with a red tank top and black heels. We quickly dressed, did our make up which is light pick and red eyeshadow, and hair.

"You ready," I asked her. She nodded her head in reply as we heard the door bell ring and we walked down stairs. This is going to be a good night.


Maddy POV

I'm going to at least drink 2 beers, I have to I thought to myself. We walked down stairs and I saw Issac in his usual clot... Nope he looked different. He had a leather jacket and look hot. I walked to him and he winked at me putting a hand around my waist.

"Hey princess", he called me I pecked his lips in reply. After a while, he gets me a drink. I was incredibly thirsty so I gulped it down. I started to feel free. I looked up at Issac as the party felt up and the music was booming. "Let's dance" he said and we made our way to the dance floor.


Minutes later

Issac POV

I looked at Maddy as we went outside. She got to drunk."I wanna go back inside. Your a meany...hey your cute", she told me as she looked at me. Thank you. I was a little to drunk to I really couldn't help myself".

"Can I kiss you", I asked.

"Yes you can. You wanna ....", I cut her off by putting lips,on hers. She tried to pull back put I kept her there.


We got to my house and went upstairs. We kissed until... I didn't remember the rest.

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