S.S Teaphi part 4

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I sat there, looking down into my drink, while she was over there with her talking with her friends. When she left, I felt like I was the biggest idiot in the entire world. I mean, come on, Vaughn. Are you seriously trying to start a relationship with a girl that you just met? How dumb can you be? Now that girl's over there with her friends, gossiping about how thirsty you must be, no doubt. I took a swig from the glass, put it down, and headed to the back of the room where my classmates, Gabby and Enrico, were handling the music.

As I approached the table, Gabby said, "Well well well, look who's come to the lowly music lovers! I bow to you, master Vaughn."

"Shut up, you." I said jokingly. "Enrico, think anybody here's pretty?"

"Well, I'm not quite sure yet. And besides, even if I did think that about any of them, I sure as hell wouldn't say it in front of Gabby. Maybe later." Enrico said.

I nudged Gabby and said, "What about you? Fancy anybody here?"

"Mate, I have a girlfriend. You trying to mess with me?"

"Oh, yeah, right. Sorry, I forgot."

"No problem, man. Anyway, let's get back to the music!" Gabby said, who immediately put on his headphones and started twisting knobs.

"Anyway, see you later, Vaughn! Go get 'em!" Enrico said encouragingly.

"Yeah. Go get 'em. I should do that."

And off I went to enjoy the rest of the day.



I spent a couple of minutes with my friends, talking about random stuff, like who did we think was cute, or who we thought would be perfect for who, typical stuff.

While I was talking to my friends, I noticed Vaughn going to the back of the room where the DJs were looking dismayed and sad, but when he left a couple of minutes later, he looked as if he was the happiest person in the entire soiree.

"Hey guys, look, it's Vaughn." I said.

"Yeah, and?"

"He seems.... I dunno.... Happier?"

"Yeah, actually he does!"

We watched him walk over to the crowd of people playing spin the bottle and Speed Stacks, and sit himself down beside one of my friends, Maita. They began talking to each other, and eventually, they stood up and got some drinks and sat down at a nearby table. I tried my best not to think of what they were doing, but I couldn't help myself. I took a peek at their table, and saw them laughing together, talking, having fun and apparently enjoying each other's company.

I couldn't help but think about how I treated him earlier. I mean, even if he was that desperate for a relationship, I don't think it's right to just leave him like that. He's the first person to compliment my looks, and I just turned him down after a small slip-up.

I turned around and peeked again, only to see them holding hands and staring into each other's eyes.

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