Chapter 2

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                My father sighed "What did you do that displeased her so much?" he asked. I chuckled. "Kissed her." I replied. Father looked startled. "Why?" he asked, looking curious. "I decided that I like her." I replied back. Father smirked. "Good for you son." He said walking away. I smirked remembering the taste of her lips on mine, her skin on mine. She would be mine, and we both knew it. I chuckled walking down the hall to my room, thinking about this strange girl Elaheh.

             I muttered profanity's under my breath as I laid in my bed. 'Who does he think he is coming in a kissing me?!' I thought angrily. I remembered his touch. It wasn't rough but it wasn't gently. It was somewhere in between. I remembered his lips, they were soft. And his taste....i snapped out of it. "No. nu uh. Not gonna happen!" I said to myself. I can't be falling for this guy! I growled to myself. 'He will use me then throw me away.'  I thought. 'But he can cuz im supposed to marry him' my other voice said. "Shut up me!" I growled. I sighed, turning on my side in my bed. I hugged a pillow to myself, and fell asleep.

          I walked around the gardens alone, off in deep thoughts on whether or not I should fall for him or not. I sighed heavily distressed about it. I heard unfamiliar chuckling and whirled. To see a man in a baboon suit. Before I could do anything, my world spun, and I passed out.

         I bolted up, feeling something was wrong. Father looked at me startled. "What's wrong?" he asked. I shook my head, but none the less ran outside. I saw the guards I had assigned to her dead, there thoughts slit. Then I saw her necklace, and smelled Naraku's sent. I growled deeply. My father ran to me, and saw what I saw. "She was kidnapped." He said. I nodded. "it's time to get her back." I replied. He nodded, following me. We flew off into the air.

            I was cold, so cold. I furrowed my eyebrows slightly, shifting to a sitting up position. I slowly opened my eyes, and felt heavy chains on my wrists. I shivered slightly, looking around to see that I was chained to a wall. I sighed, my prison was stone, and there was a window showing snow. I pulled my knees up to my chin. "Will you come for me?" I woundred. I closed my eyes, then heard footsteps. The door opened, and I looked to see a man with long black hair. He was looking at me. "What?" I growled, I was in a foul mood at the moment. He chuckled at me. "Watch your mouth, or you'll be dead before your dear Sesshomaru comes." He said. I snorted. "Why would he come for me? All I ever did was smack him." I said. He chuckled for a few moments. "You're more important to him then you think." He said. I blinked. Looking at him blankly. He smirked grabbing my chin, causing me to look at him. He smirked wider. "He will come." He said. He leaned in close to my face, but I slapped him. "Im engaged." I growled angrily, my purple eyes turning gray. I felt a sharp pain in my cheek as he struck me. My bangs covered my eyes, he left the room. I smirked, wiping the blood from where he had punched me. He will regret that. I chuckled softly, thinking about what I wanted to do to him. I felt the building shake, and laughter. I sat there, Unmoving, my cheek hurting, and slightly swelled.  "That weak women can't do anything!" that pissed me off. I stood. My power spiking. Weak hmm? Let's show him just how powerful I am. Light surrounded me. Blasting out the ceiling, and the walls, energy surrounded me. My clouting began to change to battle clothing that were tight and black. I held out my hand. "Return!!" I called out. The building shook with my power. My sword flew into my hand. I smirked, my gray eyes angry. I had it over my shoulder now. I leapt out of the rubble into the battle. I saw Sesshomaru and some guy who looked a lot like him. Sesshomarus eyes widened when he saw me. I titled my head to the side, my gray eyes showing. "Weak huh?" I smirked. I unsheathed my blade, its black honed edge gleamed in the moonlight.  I smirked widely. I moved in a blur, seeming to transport. I had sliced him in half, and flipped upside down in the air, twirling with grace. I noticed one of his tentacles coming for my I smirked, readying my claws. I threw out poisoned blades from my nails, getting rid of his tentacle. I landed on the ground but wasted no time into leaping into action, Sesshomaru at my side. "What do you think you're doing?" he asked sternly. "fighting." I responded, sending out a destructive wave of black energy from my blade. It slammed into im with incredible speed. Naraku growled, coming for us. I noticed the half breed about to get hit, so I decided to help. I sliced the tactical in half, he looked startled at me. I glanced at him from the corner of my eye, as I continued to battle. Somehow me and Sesshomaru ended up back to back battling. "Sesshomaru look out!" something pierced me in the chest, and out my back into sesshomarus back and out of his chest. I coughed up blood we were thrown. I hit the ground so hard I bounced back up then skidded to a halt next to Sesshomaru, who was on the ground as well. My vision was blurry. He reached out to me, bringing me close to his body. Blood fell from my mouth. He wiped it away, and gently kisses my lips, before I blacked out.

          She fell limp in my arms, anger over whelmed my senses. I stood, taking out my sword, and calling upon the Medio. It swallowed most of Naraku, before he relished miasma, and ran. I went back to Elaheh. I gathered her in my arms, and heard the sound of her heart beating. I turned to walk off. "Who is she?" I stopped, glancing over my shoulder to my brother. " soon to be bride." I replied. He looked startled for a moment. "What's her name?" he asked. "...Elaheh..." I said. He nodded. I walked away, carrying her in my arms, her head supported by my chest.

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