Chapter 36 - Plan For Two

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I screamed loudly as an idea popped on my mind. Kage Bunshin No Jutsu, yes! If I can make two clones, one can go out with Sasuke and the other one for Naruto. I still can't go out, since I'm still diagnosed with fever and colds. 

"KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!" I said as two me's popped. I smirked at my actions. Then, my concience hit me. I'm lying. I'm playing with both of them. This is wrong... 

'How 'bout you just let those two stand up, waiting for you? Then tell your mom to call them and tell that you didn't make it because you had colds.'

My inner ranged by so sudden. She can be right, I can just leave them be then tell them that I was sick when I see them tomorrow. But then again, this might be a once in a life-time opportunity. Even if the original me, can't savor the moment with Sasuke or Naruto, at least my clones (who are also me) can. That's good enough. Yet, what options are still there?

'No, inner. They might never ask me again if I do so.' I argued.

'Ask me if I care.' 

'THEN WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE?! Listen, I have some shit going on so please, shut the effin' up if you have nothing good to say!'

'I'm just leaving you a tip, you two-faced baboon. If you love both of them, you have to hurt them by NOT attending, rather to LIE to them, which is worse.'

I sighed. 

'Wow, since when did you became a love expert, inner-chan? Wow.' I answer sarcastically.

'Sakura, stop being such a b*tch. Please, what's happening to you? Don't be slutty and most importantly, don't be a whore. Pick one. It's that easy.'

I sighed again. 

No, it's not that easy. Even if Sasuke has been so cold hearted around me, I feel that he, himself loves me, and I love him back. Naruto... well, I easily fell in love with him. He's funny, cute, and has a great sense of humor. He loves me too, and I love him back. To be frank, I love both of them. But who should I pick?

Which is which?

'Inner, we're both Sakura, seriously. And no, it's NOT easy.'

'Whatever, call me when you've decided to do the RIGHT thing.'

The right thing. What's the right thing? I don't know anymore. I don't know why I'm stuck with this kind of situation, I don't know why I can't just tell them that I can't make it because of my colds. I just hate that "what if" feeling. Such as... what if they both leave me? What if they don't ask me out again? What if they cut all the connections between us? What if they both find someone else?

'Inner... am I... bad?' I asked, my voice clangy as I sigh. 

'Geez, what has gotten in to you? Earlier, you were very stubborn and ignorant and now-'

'Please be honest.' I cut her off shortly. 

'Sakura, I know I'm just in your mind. No, you're not. I'm not saying this because we're the same person, but because I believe in you. You were never that type of person who boasts, nor hurts people. Sakura... this is up to you.' Inner answered and I just felt my heart sunk.

Now, I ask you. Am I bad? Am I bad for doing this? I...I only did this to... to be fair, and equal. I just don't want them to fight, hate each other, or be hurt by ME. But if I do continue this, then both of them will be hurt. 

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