-Elle's POV-

After breakfast Dallas, Two-Bit, and I decided that we would do 'nothing legal' as the famous badass had said. We were going stealing for a while.

We already had a plan set out by the time we walked into town. Dallas would flirt with the cashier if it was a girl to distract her and Two-Bit and I would stash some stuff in our jackets. And if the cashier was a guy, Dal and I would switch roles.

When we got into town we went straight to the convenience store. But of course, a dude happens to work there. Yay, I'm up. Note the sarcasm. I purposely wore a low neck crop top to show off my belly button ring and cleavage. You know how guys are.

I walked up to the counter and slightly leaned forward revealing every guys kryptonite. It was getting really awkward and the guys weren't finished yet so I was just standing there while the cashier stared wide eyed.

I decided to make it a bit less awkward by making small talk and stuff. After what felt like hours, Two-Bit and Dal came back.

We decided to steal things at a couple more shops. In the end I had lots of fun. When we were walking home we counted our stock. I got a couple packs of Kools, gum, playing cards, a nice shirt, jeans, and an apple.

Dallas was telling us a story when he was distracting the cashier: she was scared of Dallas and said that he can take the money. I'm surprised he didn't.

We got home to find nobody there. I looked around and saw a note on the table.

Dear Elle, Dallas, and Two-Bit,

Meet us in the vacant lot to receive a butt whooping in football. Come as soon as possible.



I showed the note to the others and went to go change. I picked out some grey sweatpants and the new t-shirt Two-Bit and I stole.

I changed into my pants but when I was taking off my shirt both of the guys burst through the door!

I covered myself up and screamed for them to get out. Goddamned, weird people. I put my shirt on and tied my hair in a high ponytail.

When I got out they were whispering and snickering. Probably about them seeing me half naked. . . I grabbed my Chuck Taylors and headed for the door without talking to Dally and Two-Bit. They followed me out anyways.

I was getting annoyed by the boys whispering and chuckling and glaring over at me. Every time they did, I would give them a death glare. Finally when I had enough I snapped annoyed, "What is it?!"

Of course Dallas retorted back, "It's just that you got a nice rack." Without even looking at him I could tell he's smirking.

"Yeah. Okay," I reply nonchalantly. By the time that mini conversation was over we got to the lot.

We saw Darry, Soda, Pony, Steve, and Johnny in circle on the field joking around. Johnny saw us, smiled, and waved us over.

"Hm. That's weird. Johnny's usually real shy," Dallas pointed out. I looked at the group again from a distance. They were laughing at Johnny and he was blushing. Strange.

We walked over and everyone started staring at me failing miserably to hold in their laughter. I brushed it off not wanting to know.

"Well, are we gonna play or not?"
We made teams. It was me, Darry, Johnny, and Two-Bit against Dallas, Soda, Pony, and Steve. It was as fair as it could get.

We were tied and we decided last point wins. I had the ball while Darry, Johnny, and Two-Bit were taking care of Soda, Pony, and Steve leaving Dally and I one on one.

I was almost to the other side when Dallas blocked my path. I faked left then right causing him to lose his balance and fall. I laughed and made a touchdown. "How's that for a butt whoopin'?" I bragged.

We were walking to the Curtis house and laughing about the game. When we got home it was around 7 pm. The whole gang was staying over for dinner so I was going to help Darry cook. We cooked two baked chickens, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

It was probably the best I've ever eaten in my life. Darry showed me his secret recipes. After dinner, Darry went to bed and he said I could sleep over since he didn't want me walking out so late. I didn't argue.

Ponyboy heard and gave me some basketball shorts and a t-shirt to sleep in. He told me to go change in his and Soda's room.

I changed into the shorts and when I took off my shirt somebody bursted through the door. Déjà vu much.

I screamed 'get out' thinking it was Dally or Two-Bit. When I looked, it turned out to be Soda who was blushing real bad.

He kind of just stood there for a while staring at me in a daze. I cleared my throat and he blushed an impossibly brighter red. He snapped out of his daze and shut the door.

I walked out and everyone but Soda was laughing. Soda must've told them and he was still red as a tomato.

Johnny, Dally, and Soda were on the couch and Steve and Two-Bit were on the floor all watching Mickey, of course. Ponyboy went to sleep after I changed.

I laid down on the three guys on the couch and since I was so short I fit my entire body. My head was in Johnny's lap, my body and butt on Dally's, and my legs on Soda.

I looked up at them. Johnny was blushing, Dallas was smirking, and Soda had a crooked smile. I asked if I was hurting them and they said I was light as a feather.

I soon drifted off to sleep thinking about the fact three guys saw me half naked all in one day.

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