Jens POV

I woke up at 8 and had to be to the studio by 9.

I'll be late again...

I jumped up and brushed through my hair with my fingers and put it up in a messy bun and pulled on jean shorts and a denim button down shirt.

Benny texted me: *i'm out sick. hv fun at studio alone*

I rolled my eyes and headed to the car.

I stopped for coffee and looked forward to having some time alone to write and sing.

It took me longer to get there because of morining rush hour.

I unlocked the door and came in, relocking it behind me.

After I got settled in I sat down to finish my coffee.

Do I hear a piano?

I'm still in shock. I'm crazy.

I laughed at myself but the music continued.

But, i'm alone here.

It stopped and I convinced myself i'm insane.

Harrys POV

I came in to play piano early.

I stopped when I heard Jen come in.

I saw her sitting in the lounge watching the Today Show,


She screamed and jumped to her feet.

'Oh my god..' she whispered bearly audible and put one hand on her chest and grabbed the table with the other, leaning over it in clear distress.

She just blacked out but I got to her and picked her up before she fell.

I set her on a couch and tried not to panic... She's still breathing.

'Oh my god... I'm so sorry.. What the fuck did I do?!' I said to myself.

I rubbed her shoulder softly.

After 5 minutes she moved a little.

'Jen? Please wake up', I whispered.

She opened her eyes and saw me, looking pissed.

'No! Don't get up yet!', I said.

She moved away.

'What the fuck is wrong with you Harry!? You could've killed me!' she yelled, looking terrified and about to cry. 'Everytime you see me, you catch me off guard'.

I felt awful.

'What happened... Why'd you pass out'? I asked cautiously. 

'I've had a heart defect ever since I was born. If it beats to fast or if something happens to spike the rate to fast I pass out. And if it beats to fast I could go into cardiac arrest. After it happens i'm supposed to rest for 24 hours before I resume my normal schedule. So thank you! Now i'm stuck here all day'!

I've never felt so guilty.

'I am so truely sorry. I'll take you home', I said.

'No', was her simple answer.

'Ok then i'll call 911 to come get you, suit yourself', I said 100% serious.

'Fine! Don't call 911'.

I looked at her and sighed.

'Up you go', I said and lifted her up.

'I can walk', She said stubbornly.

'I know. But you're weak and I don't want you to fall', I said.

We drove back to her house and I carried her inside and right to her bed.

'I'll be right back', I said and went down to get her a glass of ice water.

I don't understand whats happening to me...

'Here you go', I said, handing it to her while I sat on the edge of the bed by her.

She looked at it suspiciously. 

'Not poisonous. See?', I said, taking a sip.

She cracked a half grin and took it from me and drinking it.

'You hungry'? I asked.

She shook her head yes.

I went back to the kitchen. I can't cook.

Ah-ha! I found a can of chicken noodle soup and warmed it up.

I handed it to her and rubbed the back of my neck.

'I should go.. You probably hate me and this whole thing.. not really my thing'.

'You can stay', she said.

I sat on the bed next to her.

She finished eating, flipped on the Tv and glanced up at me, studying me.

I smiled at her.

'You know Harry, You might not be so bad'.

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