“But that’s not possible...they got sucked into the void.  How could they have escaped?  What do they want?”

        “Revenge, I would think.”

        “For what?”

      “Getting sucked in--” he gets cut off when the TARDIS throws them to the floor again, much harder this time.

        “You okay?” he offers his hand to her after getting up.

        “Yeah, think so,” she takes his hand and pulls herself up.

        “The daleks are firing at the TARDIS.”

       “I thought it had some sort of...what is it called...shield or something?”

       “It does, but it’ll still get an effect from it.  They won’t stop though.”

        “Well, then what?”

        “We go to them.”

        “Doctor, you’ll get killed.”

        “If I get shot, which I hope doesn’t happen, it’ll only cause me to regenerate.”

        “Doctor, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

        “I won’t.”

        She looks at him, worry in her eyes, “Doctor, I’m serious.”

        He sighs, “Rose, I have no choice.”

        “What do you mean, ‘you have no choice’? Doctor, I’m going with you.”

        “No, you’re not. You’re staying here.”


        He sighs again, “you’re in danger when you go out there.”

        “And so are you.”


        “I’m going with you.  I can’t stay here, waiting for a different face to walk in.”

        “I don’t want you to get hurt.”

        “Neither do I.  Doctor, I’m coming with you whether you like it or not.”

        He reluctantly goes over to the console and presses a button, flying the TARDIS to the dalek ship.  He lands it and looks up at Rose.  “Please, Rose…”

        “Doctor,” she says gently, “I’m coming with you.”

        The Doctor walks over to Rose, cupping her face in her hands, “I love you.”

        “I love you, too.”

        He leans in, kissing her softly, locking their lips together.  After a moment, they break away and they put their foreheads together.

        “They’re waiting for us,” she whispers.

        He laces his fingers through hers and nods.  Then heads to the doors and opens them to be greeted by five daleks shouting “Exterminate” at the Doctor.  Beams shoot out of their whisks, but they get stopped by the shield.  After several failed attempts by each dalek, the firing ceases and they all stare at the Doctor.  

        He leads Rose out of the TARDIS, closing the doors behind them and standing in front of them.  They stare at each other for what seems like a long time before the Doctor breaks the silence, “Well…?  You’ve got me.  What’s gonna happen?”

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