cecilia and the choir fundraiser

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Cecilia Messina was less than thrilled when her choir director, Mrs. Jette, announced to the class the new years’ fundraiser. Usually Cecilia had no problem with them whatsoever; they were always a food of some type. Except this year, this year Mrs. Jette had decided they were going to sell bed sheets. Cecilia had received her packet and opened it with her normal curiosity, and gasped aloud and declared the fundraiser a monstrosity. Of course, she was overreacting. Cecilia had not said any of that out loud, but she had thought it, and she was still strongly appalled at the thought of selling bed sheets to her school mates and their parents.

Now Cecilia stood in front of an apartment only a two minute walk away from her own; the black painted door was a replica of her door, and the painted silver knocker hardly made a sound. She drummed her fingers rapidly against her thighs and waited for the door to open. She heard a thud and a curse but paid no immediate attention to it, after all she was here to sell bed sheets and not a conversation.

Cecilia quickly pulled a smile onto her face and began to recite the line she had been practicing since second block.

“Hello, my name is Cecilia and I’m selling some bed sheets as a way to raise funds for our schools choir program. Would you be interested in buying? I can pull out a sampl-“

Cecilia stopped abruptly once she realized she was staring at nothing, she frowned and glanced downward. She met the bright, green eyes of a small girl. The toddler was standing in front of her in a giraffe onesie and a toothy grin, which was ironic as she was missing one of her front teeth.

“Oh, um, hello. Would you care to tell me who you are?” Cecilia was shit at talking to children. She tried and tried but always failed, making it awkward for both parties.

“Hi.” The blonde child giggled and widened her smile.

Cecilia echoed her and blinked a few times.

“I’m Ruby, my mom isn’t home. But my brother is, I’ll go get him!” Cecilia watched in awe and terror as Ruby turned and ran down the hall into her apartment. She wasn’t too surprised about the thud she’d heard earlier now, it had probably been Ruby running too quickly.

Cecilia stood quietly outside of apartment #1046’s open door and began humming a Kate Nash song. Soon she was pretend playing the piano on her legs and bobbing her head along to the soundless tune.

 “Ruby?” Cecilia called her once more before hesitantly moving into the foreign apartment.


alrightalrightalright so this is a thing. if i upload more they might be like this, could be rlly bad poetry too though. 

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