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Shall we start the ADVENTURE?

Chapter 3

Kuroko and  the Seirin is killing the vampires in different places when suddenly  one of the Seirin  shouted “HELP!!” but it was too late when Kuroko arrive, he was dead as Kuroko saw  a vampire going to the different direction Kuroko release a very dark aura much to the GOM surprise she was about to kill the vampire when suddenly a girl attack first   and Kuroko mentally thank the girl as the girl turned to her much to Kuroko’s horror it was her mother.

Her Mother said “young girl! Do you know a teal haired girl from the military? She is just like you only your hair is black and your eyes”

Kuroko replied “no” with a shaking voice

Her Mother said “oh” with a sad tone

Kuroko ask “why did you ask ma’am?”

Her Mother replied “because she was my daughter and I want to protect her, I escaped in my father and mother’s hand just to see her” as she added “ and also it is boring in the castle, I understand when she tried to escape because I can see her eager to help other people  and it is a good thing she escape cause my mother is planning an arrange marriage to a general for her” in a whisper tone but Kuroko heard it all.

Kuroko begun to speak “Mother how about we kill some vampires”

Her mother was surprise and suddenly hug Kuroko and nodded happily but ask “Tetsuna? why did you colour your hair black? And you have contact lens?

Kuroko then throw her wig and her contact lens and said “ready?”

Her mother replied with happiness “go!” in a happy tone

(GOM reaction)

Too much to their fear Kuroko is a soldier as they started to panic.

Kise/ Aomine “ Tetsu/Kurokocchi!?”

The others remained calm but in the back of their mind they are in panic and screaming as they walk

into the dark  and report it to the king

(Back to Kuroko)

Kuroko already killed 32 while her mother got 29

Kuroko commented her Mother” I think I know where my talent came from” as  they laugh but little did they know is that a vampire is on their back and beat up Kuroko’s mother but before it go to Kuroko, Kuroko killed the vampire as the other soldier begin to take the queen to the hospital.

A few hours later the doctor came out.

The Doctor said “ the queen is in coma” with a very sad tone.

The other soldiers and Kuroko thank the doctor as Kuroko once again release a very dark aura.

A/N for those who are confuse the GOM didn’t know the queen whisper to Kuroko, sorry for not updating...

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