Chapter 8: Early Home Coming

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MOM?!... That word kept on replaying inside my head, I was their staring at the ceiling wishing that nothing of this is ever happening to me! But I can't just wish... wishes never came true and it will never will! I'm not yet ready on meeting them face-to-face, we haven't got enough practice yet, all that I wanted to do was vanish into thin air, but I couldn't, his parents are here and at any minute they'll find me I know I had to stand up and hide but my body resist it. Blame the shocking events!

Until someone came bursting in, I shriek and dipped my body even more deeper in water, a figure quite similar to Lawrence's was standing at the door step, I adjust my eyes and it was Drake?! Shit!

"S-sorry!" he apologized and went outside, slamd the door shut then started asking questions outside the bathroom "Who are you? And what are you doing here?!"

Of course an idiot like me answerd it "I-I'm A-Alex Hudson a-and I-I'm taking a b-bath" I stuterd, I almost slap myself.

"Alex Hudson?" his voice was husky mixed with puzzlement "Just who the heck is Alex Hundson?!"

"Uhhh... me" I shrugged, I faced palm myself from that kind of answer, a small awkward noise was invading the air, and I felt like Drake was doing that sound.

"Wear a towel!" he ordered in a husky tone, I bolted upward grabbed a towel and cover my body from above my knee 'till up to my underarm, I don't know what am I suppose to do now that both-Lawrence and me-of us are busted... For Christ Sake! I'm half naked here!!

Drake came busting in with his hands covering his eyes and a blushed cheek, he grabbed my arm and pulled me out, my left hand was supporting my towel feeling every strand of cloth stroking my palm, the atmosphere became heavy knowing that every step I take will get closer to his parents, SHOOT! I forgot that I was using Violet's room without permission now she's going to found out how messy it is now, I'm so dead! Just why did I exactly get into this kind of trouble?!

As we went down the stairs my heart started to sank, I tried my best on maitaining my balance now that my feet are smudered with soap, Drake's face was blushing obviously... now that I've seen him in personal he does look like Lawrence, similar eyes, nose hair but different in face, his face was slightly box... more like a rectangle.

We both reached the living room, my eyes landed on Lawrence, his still wearing his apron, a bandage was covering one of his finger (must be because of the stitching problem), Violet was wearing... a swimsuit, her dress was so small and tight that her curves are starting to show up, her make-up was like 2inch thick and she show too much skin, Elizabeth (mother) was decent, her hair was tied up tigthly in a bun, she wore a skirt not too short nor too long, her upper clothes was more like a buisness suit just give her a necktie and everything is perfect, she wore white gloves and glasses of grey, her chin was always up and her posture always maintains it's state, Carlo (father) was wearing brown shorts, his white polo was losen for a bit and his dirty bloned hair was a mess, for a guy in his 4o's he look much more younger than his age.

"This! I found her at the bathroom" Drake informed.

I gripped the towel much harder now that I noticed everyone's attention was on me, it's acceptable that Violet, Elizabeth and Lawrence are looking at me in the eyes, but Carlo was in a whole different level, this freak was looking at my legs wich is by the way soaked in wet!

Elizabeth looked at me from head to toe when she noticed that both of his sons are trying to hold back their gaze "V-violet would you mind giving her some decent clothes perhaps?"

"I-I have my own" I stutered.

"Yeah mom, she have her own clothes, and I woun't give my clothes to some prositutes" did she just said prostitute?! That shit sure is giving me a headache.

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