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After detention, I called my mom 'cause I needed a ride home.

Beeeep Beeeep

" come on, come on pick up!" I said as I paced back and forth.

" hello?"

" mom! Hey, uh listen I need a ride home"

" oh sorry honey but you'll have to call your dad, I'm still at work!"

" do I have to ride in his cop car?" I whined

" yes, unless you want to walk home" my mother said sternly

"Ugh fine" I said and hung up.

I dialed my dad's number and waited

Beeeep Beeeep

" hello? Melissa? What's wrong?"

" hi dad! Nothing's wrong, I just need a ride home from school" I chirped

" WHAT?!?! Your still at school?"

Oh heh right I forgot tell him I got a detention.....


" oh um I got a detention" I said quietly

"-sigh- Melissa you have to stop doing this! Why did you get one this time"he said tiredly

I sigh " I was late again" I admitted

" ok geez, well, WAIT A SECOND!!!! Who is watching your brothers?"he questioned forcefully

" Sophie is" I said, finally making him happy

" -sigh- fine, fine ok I'll be there in a few" he said, giving up

" thanks! Bye dad!" I stood there waiting for him to pull up and he did, but he had his lights flashing, very embarrassing mind you, and I sighed and got in.

" You do know that your lights are flashing right?" I questioned

" Yes Melissa I do know, I wanted to get here as fast as possible" he sighed and we headed home.


We pulled into our driveway and I got all my stuff ready, and looked at him expectantly.

"Aren't you coming inside too?" I asked curiously.

" no I got a call on the way here about a weird case, gotta head over and check it out" he explained.

" oh ok well bye dad!" I pecked his cheek and started to go, but he stopped me saying " oh and Lissa tell Sophie she can stay as long as she asks her parents"

" 'Kay!" I headed up the driveway with my backpack slung over my shoulder. I reached the door and rang the doorbell, but no one answered. I started to get my key out, only to be interrupted by Tyler opening the door and exclaiming " Yay!! Pizz- hey wait a minute you're not the pizza guy!" And then he promptly slammed the door, leaving me just plain confused. The door was opened a second later by a very exhausted looking Sophie, who pulled me inside and said " don't -gasp- ever -gasp- ask me to-gasp- babysit-gasp- your brothers-gasp- again!" She finished. I looked her over and chuckled slightly, saying " um sorry Soph I'll try to not get more detentions" I said as I hugged her tightly. "Sigh ok, well I'm gonna go do my homework!" She declares, then runs up the stairs. " now in terms of you two!" I turn to face my scared brothers, and open my mouth to give them the talking to of a lifetime! Only I was interrupted by the door ringing, which Tommy responded to immediately by shouting " hey! There's the pizza!!" The twerps ran towards the door and opened it, only to be disappointed again, for it was most definitely not the pizza guy.

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