Chapter 10

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Darkshard flew overhead several more times, forcing the Autobots to duck to the ground. Blaze on the other hand was jumping up and down, as well as bouncing off any walls that were nearby in a vain attempt at bring down the Con.

“If you wish to engage me in combat, human scum,” Darkshard spat, “Then’ll have to come after me with some decent skills; not the stupid rookie skills and abilities that all of you humans use!”

Blaze grunted, before pulling in Energon from all of the dying Vehicons, hoping to at least scare the Con that was mocking him. As he drew in more and more Energon though, he began to feel something change within him.

Then he felt the Cybertronian bodies come flying at him. Blaze tried to duck, but soon found himself frozen in place, as more and more Vehicon parts landed on his body, before melding with it.

Blaze soon felt two human tanks hurtling through the air, along with several Humvees. Again Blaze tried to duck, in hopes of protecting himself, but quickly found the tanks, Humvees, two A-10s and four Apaches land nearby, before disassembling, and then their individual parts were racing towards him.

Blaze grunted, as the final pieces of tech melded with his body, before finally bending down, as the crushing wait of his new body pressed down on him. Two more grunts passed through Blaze’s now robotic lips, as he lifted himself to fall height.

“Impossible,” Ratchet muttered, “This can’t be happening…”

Blaze didn’t hear anything else, as he propelled himself forwards, right into the building that Darkshard was on. It started to collapse, and then came rushing down in a torrent of debris.

Blaze looked up; hoping to see Darkshard falling with the debris, but frowned when he saw the Con trying to escape.

‘Only one way to bring him down then,’ Blaze thought to himself, before charging forwards.

As he sprinted, he urged his body to change shape, into something that would allow him to fly after Darkshard. As he jumped off the edge of the collapsed building, he could feel several parts inside himself change position, as his arms and legs contracted into his body, and wings formed on either side of his shoulders.

His body morphed into the form of an F-16 Fighting Falcon, with his entire body moving into place so that he looked exactly like the Jet. But there were also several differences.

Blaze had, in addition to the Falcon’s standard weapons’ systems, two Avenger Cannons (from the A-10s) several rocket pods (thanks in no small part to the Apaches) two double barrelled Heavy Machine Guns (because of the Humvees) and three 120mm M256A1 smoothbore guns (as they were the main armament of the tanks that morphed with Blaze).

Blaze quickly darted around, as he searched the skies for his cowardly opponent. As Blaze was about to make another pass over the Autobots position, Darkshard dropped on top of the Human Super-Soldier.

Blaze transformed back into his humanoid form, and rolled his body around, so that Darkshard was under him. Darkshard saw this coming though, and transformed back into a jet, tearing off from underneath Blaze.

Blaze hit the ground, but was back in the air in no time. Blaze searched the skies more vigorously than before, and spotted Darkshard as the Con was about to drop on Blaze again.

Four rockets soar off in Darkshard’s direction, and tore off his wings, and forced the Con to the ground. Blaze landed on top of Darkshard, causing the Con to go deeper into the ground.

Blaze rolled off of the Con, and Bulkhead ripped him out of the ground. Darkshard was then slammed into the side of one of the remaining buildings, before Wheeljack stepped forwards.

“Where is Unicron?” the Wrecker demanded, “Tell us, and we might let you go.”

“It doesn’t matter whether I tell you or not, because you already too late,” Darkshard announced, “He has already set his plan in motion, and soon Primus shall bow before my Master.”

“Plan? What plan?!” demanded Wheeljack.

“Primus shall be infected with Dark Energon,” Darkshard spat, “Then Unicron shall be able to control Cybertron, effectively ending Primus, Primes, and the Autobots.”

“Where is he now?” Bulkhead asked.

“He is on his way to Cybertron as you stand here doing nothing,” Darkshard sneered, “And soon you shall all fall, including…”

Darkshard never finished, as Blaze had removed all of the Energon, Dark Energon included, from the ranting Con, killing him instantly. All of the Autobots present looked at Blaze, all wearing a look of shock.

“What?” Blaze asked, as if he hadn’t just killed Darkshard, “He was starting to get on my nerves, so I removed him from the situation. Besides, we already know everything we need to plan our next move.”

“Which is?” Arcee asked.

“Take the fight to the enemy,” Optimus said, as he transformed out of his truck form upon arrival, “We need to defend Primus.”

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