IM TERRIFIED. But i'm not an expressive person so..

Dear fearless diary,

I actually like to say it.. I'm loosing it.

I used to sit on the floor of my room or bathroom in the completely darkness. I wasn't always crying, but that feeling was so awesome, that peace, it felt like that was actually kind of my place. These days i can't do it. So that peace? I haven't felt it for days. I'm actually afraid when i do this now. It's like i'm beeing watched all the time and i start seeing shadows * yea, shadows in the dark, great imagination* the thing is i see things. And i don't know why but it makes me panic a little bit. Yes. Me. The person who was always creep and loved to whatch horror movies alone and walked at night everywhere in this house and used to fear nothing .

I was already a nobody, but now i don't even recognize me as the 'nobody' i used to be. Maybe now i'm actually nothing more than some crazy, paranoid, anti social girl or zombie. Idk. I just don't fckin know anything anymore and i'm so tired, yet i cannot sleep.

Please don't eat brains. Yet


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