Chapter 17

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Anna, Anna, Anna...

Was all Kristoff could think about as he walked through the extensive halls of the hospital. Last night was kind of a blur, picking up Elsa, the silent drive home, Elsa's tired sobs echoing through the apartment. He didn't sleep much, not just because of Elsa's crying, but because of the aching in his heart, Anna's pained screams. They wrecked havoc on his conscience. They were now going to visit Anna. Kristoff had tried his best to look good, but it didn't work. His clothes were dirty, crumpled, his hair was more unkempt than usual, and there was a film of scruff on his chin and around his lips.

It'd been a couple days since Anna had been rolled to the hospital. Room 23 on the sixth floor. Kristoff growled, looking for an elevator. Elsa was a step behind him, looking equally irritated. Elsa, unlike Kristoff, looked fit for a queen, with her perfect hair, clothes, makeup. Kristoff....didn't really like that. The perfection of her despite the pain she had obviously been in. It had no character. Kristoff shook his head, clearing that thought from his head. No, even Elsa, a perfect looking young woman, had her problems. Just because she looked perfect, didn't mean she was perfect, didn't mean she didn't have problems. Still, Kristoff enjoyed the obvious imperfections in people, it made those people relatable, more approachable, besides, Kristoff was full of those little kinks, inside and out. An elevator knocked the jumble of thoughts out of his head, and Anna moved back in.

He jabbed the elevator up button, tapping his foot impatiently. The elevator finally dinged, and the double doors slid open. It took way to long, in Kristoff opinion, for the elevator to get to the sixth floor. Elsa seemed to agree, because her brows kept furrowing angrily. There were a couple of people who decided not to get into the elevator because Kristoff and Elsa kept giving them dirty looks. Finally, the screen above the elevator controls flicked to a six, and the elevator doors slid open.

Kristoff almost ran out, but Elsa stopped him, and pointed to a poster. There was a finger against lips and words that read, "Shhhh, patients in critical care, please be quite and don't run." Kristoff growled again, and started to fast walk across the linoleum floor. They past several doors, "nineteen, twenty," Kristoff read the door numbers in his head, "twenty one, twenty two.....twenty three!" He shot his hand over the door handle, but stopped suddenly. His hand hovered ominously over the handle. What would she look like? Would she be in pain? Kristoff had already seen Anna in terrible pain, and he had no intention of seeing her that way again.

"Kristoff?" A voice came from inside the room, it was Anna, "Elsa? Is that you?" Kristoff finally built up his courage and pushed open the door. Anna was sitting back on the hospital bed, a book in her right hand. Her left shoulder was bandaged heavily, with a kind of sling around her neck, holding up her left hand. She had a shiner swelling her eye shut, probably from where Hans had struck her. Her hair was a bit disheveled, and it was the first time Kristoff had seem it out of some type of braid.

"Anna!" Elsa ran to Anna, shuffling to the right side of her bed, and hugging her tightly. She started examining her, doing an array of things, such as feeling her temperature, pointing at her sling, and asking things like, "Does it hurt?" "Is it serious?" "Can I do anything?" Anna reassured her that she was fine, smiling brightly the whole time. Kristoff didn't want to interrupt their reunion, so he sat in a nearby chair, looking around at the various array of medical things. A stout man walked in, he wore a white coat and a stethoscope, Kristoff guessed he was the doctor.

"Hello," he walked over to Anna's bed and introduced himself to Elsa, "I'm Dr. Archie Archer. You can just call me Archie." Kristoff couldn't help but snicker, Archie didn't seem to hear, and continued talking, "you are miss Anna's sister, correct?" Elsa nodded, "alright, come, let's talk about her condition in the hallway." The two walked past Kristoff out of the room, and Kristoff continued to stare out the doorway, until Anna called his name.

"Kristoff, c'mere." Kristoff stood up to fast, and stumbled a bit over to Anna. She giggled. Kristoff couldn't take it, she was to beautiful. He shuffled to the right side of Anna's bed, and stood stiffly in one place. He blushed profusely, looking as red as a tomato. Anna giggled again, and patted the bed, indicating for Kristoff to sit next to her. He did, awkwardly, not sure where to put his hands, so he put them in his lap, his back as straight as a ruler. "Kristoff." He turned an inch to face her, still blushing.

Anna suddenly took the collar of Kristoff's shirt, leaned forward and kissed him. Kristoff didn't know what was happening, but he liked it. His blush disappeared as he leaned close to Anna. His arms weaved around Anna's waist pulling her gently closer. Anna's hand had slipped from his collar down on his chest. Kristoff had never been so happy in his entire life. He loved Anna, loved her more than anything that ever existed and anything that would ever exist. He loved her.

At that moment, Archie and Elsa walked in, still talking, "so, the bullet missed her shoulder, no shoulder replacement surgery, but a lot of stitches were" Archie trailed off when he saw Anna and Kristoff. Elsa gasped and put a hand over her mouth. Archie smiled.

Kristoff and Anna didn't even notice them. One thing was running through Kristoff's head.

Anna, Anna, Anna...

Bam! Did it! First, fanfiction, ever, finally finished. Hope you liked it! Thanks for sticking with me through the beginning of the school year. Expect more fanfiction!

Extra (just for you!):

Kristoff found himself in a bright field. Daisies sprinkled the green landscape. The sun was warmly bright, and the sky was a beautiful blue. A slight breeze ruffled through his hair, he smiled contently. He looked to his right, and saw Anna, her strawberry blond hair flowing behind her as she ran to him. She wore a crisp white dress that flowed like her hair. He spread his arms wide to her, and she fell into him. They touched foreheads for a moment, until Anna suddenly started licking Kristoff's nose...and that's when he woke up. A big furry face was what filled his vision. A big slobbery tongue dragged across his cheek.

"Aug, Sven!"

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