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Matthew's pov:

I had really screwed up everything when my intention was to just make things better. After all, I can't convince anybody right now because all everyone saw was me making out with Amanda. But what nobody sees is that I have a side of the story as well. It's not surprising that nobody believes me or is willing to listen to me. My reputation went from a 100 to a 0 within the blink of an eye.

What really got to me was Sam. Everytime I saw him, he gave me this death glare. Don't get me wrong, Sam is one of my best friends, but now it was weird between us. Whether they were friends or more, he had this deep care for Renee. He didn't like seeing her get hurt. I hurt her terribly and that messed with him as well.

Renee's pov:

So let's just say it's monday and I've never gotten more attention in my life. The story of Matthew and I spread like wild fire. If anything, it brought my reputation up. Not like that was my biggest goal, but it was truly happening. I could've sworn that atleast twenty people had swarmed me to figure out what happened.

So far, Matthew has tried to approach me five times and eacch time, I';ve walked away. No words. Just turn around and ignore him. Just what Sam told me to do. After all, there was no explanationto what Matthew did. No explanation whatsoever. 

I was at lunch. I grabbed a chicken wrap and milk carton. I walked over to the table where Hilary, Ally, Alyssa and Becca were sitting. Sam sat next to us too and put his arm around me. Apparently, him and Becca were 'complicated' right now since she was all over one guy at the party. I smiled and kissed Sam on the cheek. Matthew glared at me. I looked back giving him a sassy smirk. He turned away to eat his lunch with nobody.

"You feeling okay?" Ally asked.

"Yeah, I guess," I said.

"Remeber what I told you," Sam said "Don't listen to him."

I nodded and bit into my chicken wrap which was surprisingly really good. Sam was being really supportive this whole time and I wanted to pay him back by listening to him. 

"You know, you can't hold this grudge on Matt forever. He may have a good reasoning for what he did," Alyssa said. 

"A good reason for sucking Amandas face off? I think not," I said back. I rolled my eyes. I know I sounded like a brat, but I had a right to. About ninety nine percent of everyone in the school agreed with me as well. All of us sat in silence for the rest of lunch. Especially Alyssa since she was one of the only people to disagree with me. I finished up my food and threw my tray away. Sam and Ally walked with me to our classes. 

It was then that Amanda came up behind us. I met face to face with her as she snapped her gum. 

"Hi Amanda," I said.

"Hi Renee,"

I stayed silent and just stared at her.

"So as you know, Matthew and I are official now."

"Yeah I know,"

"You must've just not been good enough for him. After all, he was telling me how much better of a kisser I was,"

Fire raged inside me. I clenched my fists and held in my screams through gritted teeth. But I couldn't just let Amanda get to me like this. She was purposely trying to ruin my life and everything I loved. I couldn't hold this in. She went on and on about all of the horrid things that Matthew said about me.

"Amanda, would you just stop?! Is being a better kisser all that matters to you in a relationship? I may be done with Matthew, but if I know anything, I know that I was way more loyal to him than you ever were. I may not have made out with him every chance I got, but at least I showed love and loyalty through better ways. Matthew loved that about me. I could go on about terrible things he's said about you, but what good would that do me? It would do me no good. Just stop."

Amanda walked away and fluffed her hair. Ally congratulated me for what I just said. Another thing I like about myself was my sass. *Snaps fingers in z formation* (I swear I can't write serious chapters to save my life. I'm so sorry that wasn't even funny bye)

So I went to my last class and then went home after that. I sat alone on the bus and right as I got home, I got a text. Who was it from? Matthew.

Matthew: So I would've much rather have said this to you in person, but you turned down every opportunity I got. So if I have to save this beautifully tragic thing we have through text, I will. Renee, I'm in love with you and I'd never hurt you on purpose. I know you disagree, but I need you to hear me out. Amanda showed up at that party without an invitation. She found me and forced me upstairs into that bedroom. She went phsycotic and said if I didn't kiss her, then she would hurt you. In case you don't know, seeing you get hurt would be one of the worse things for me to ever see. I don't know if you even care about me anymore, but all I'm asking is that you'll at least reply. Don't shut me out. Renee, I love you. Please... 

My eyes filled with tears and a single one dropped down my cheek. Suddenly, they were pouring. I couldn't help, but reply.

Me: Matthew, I honetly don't know what to say. I'm not a person who can send easily cute cheesy dramatic messages, but I will be honest with you. I'm pretty frustrated. I'm even crying at this exact moment. Every time I was with you, I felt like I was the happiest girl in the world, giving you little pieces of my heart. But now, those pieces are shattered and worthless. Maybe you're telling the truth, but you really seemed to enjoy that kiss with Amanda. You were smiling and everything. How do you explain that? Also, Amanda was telling me everything you said today. 

Matthew: What was I supposed to do? Make it seem bad so she'd hurt you? I don't know why you can't believe that I did this to protect you. That's why I acted happy. And to tell you about what Amanda said... would you really believe what that girl has to say? Seriously, you can be really drawn into any peice of information, Renee. She could say anything bad and you'd believe it. But as for me, the boy that you've given your heart to... you won't believe him?

Me: Sorry Matthew, I've just lost trust.

Matthew: Can you at least try to fix whatever this is between us? Please.

I dropped my phone and just thought. Matthew made some good points, but it was still so hard to believe it. I couldn't make this difficult.

Me: Yes.

It was then and there that I felt a slight smile on my face. Just a slight one. There was Sam, but I still had a burning passion for Matthew. So it took one word.


Authors note:

She said yes!! What do you think will happen? I'm kind of on a writers block so...

Anyways, thanks for all of your support and I'll try to update soon. Love you.

~love Ry (: <3

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