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Hey yall.

So Im not going to act depressed in this chapter.


But if you DID NOT notice the title, or don't know what that stands for...

Those are my Mom's initials!:D

So I decided to dedicate a chapter to Mom. Just random facts and such about her I thought yall would enjoy. Even if you don't enjoy them I do, and you won't ever be able to make me stop enjoying them✌

Fact # 1: My Mom's full name was Adriana Jade Montana.

Fact # 2: Her old friends (and Dad) used to call her A.J. because of her initials - that was her nickname. NOT "Adri" or anything like that. A.J.

Fact # 3: her favorite animal was dolphins. Thats why the dolphin emoji is my favorite🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

Fact # 4: She used to volunteer at an animal shelter in high school (that's what Dad told me). I guess thats where I got my love for animals.


In honor of those two cultures:
(translation: I love you, Mom!")

Hawaiian: Aloha au la 'oe, Makuahine!!

Native American: Tsinehi Unitsi!

Fact # 6: Her favorite color was pink or yellow

Fact # 7: She liked to read.

Fact # 8: She was very adventurous.

Fact # 9: She also barrel raced:)

Fact # 10: She had a tiny little navy blue anchor tattoo on her wrist, and a belly button piercing, and also an "X" tattoo on her right hip
(Dad has a matching "O" tattoo on his hip which I think is cute)
Plus I want a belly button piercing. Dad said I could do that for Christmas. :D

Also another thing I wanted to throw in here:
People say that you are too young to remember your mom or dad or someone if they pass away when you're little.

But that's a lie.

Because I remember my mom very clearly.

I remember being really little, like two maybe, and tracing her tattoo with my finger and saying I wanted to get an anchor tattoo just like her's when I was older.

I also remember her reading books to me and Noah when she was pregnant with Jake.

And I remember asking her why there was a baby in her stomach and if she ate it. (thats so cute) and then she laughed and said no I didn't eat it.

One of my favorite memories was when one day we were getting ready to go to church and she was brushing my hair and it was really long, and this wasp flew into the bathroom, and she started screaming and so did I and Dad ran in there an killed it and then me and mom started laughing our heads off at the same time and dad looked at us like we were crazy. We ended up being a little late for church because we wasted time laughing so hard.

And another of my favorite memories was when we went to sea world (i can hardly remember all of it, just a little bit) and we went to a dolphin show, and mom was all excited and she got picked to be a volunteer, and she was all excited. And she took me down to the water with her and we got to feed the dolphin a fish after it did a trick.

Thats pretty much it yall.



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