I miss you

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Mowy wake up the twins said

Ok I am up let's go to the mall ok

Ok mom

Ok so go and get dressed jr you got green and jazz you got blue and I got Pink ok

Ok mommy


They got dressed and went to the mall As they were walking out the saw princeton and jazzman was in love with princeton ....

Jazzman lets go

But mommy I want to see princeton plzzzzz

Fine lets go


Hi ummm princeton this is my daughter and she is your biggest fan ever lol but say hi jazz and jr

Hey they both said

Hey. Princeton said

Ok can you take a pic with her and him plz and sigh her poster plz

Yes he said

Thx you so gco

Asia is that you and are they mine

Yes and yes so how was tour princeton how was it to leave you family I sat in my bed and cried for a year princeton just over you and you left us so by let's go kids say bye

Wait plz forgive me

Ok I will he is my number

The by kids by lovely

By princeton

Bye daddy we love you

Bye I love you more

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