Chapter 1

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"We make up horrors to help us cope up with the real ones" Stephen King. My brother told me this everyday until he died in the war. 2 years ago the whole entire werewolf population was being targeted by hunters. Many other packs were already slaughtered. Our Alpha contacted each pack in the United States to our territory. We joined forces to take down the humans. We didn't think it was going to be that hard to take down hunters they were human after all. That day when they came to attack we underestimated them which we was the biggest mistake of our pack. The hunters came with grenades, wolfs vane coated arrows, steel knifes, bullets,guns,and most importantly a machine that played a high pitched sound that only affected werewolves making them deaf forever. I remember hiding in our basement hearing the crys and screams of my kind and wanting to go out there and fight but my brother purposely locked me down here so I was useless. As soon as my brother was killed I felt every ounce of pain he had conjured. It felt like someone ripping out my heart and stitching it back together with silver. I felt the loss of my brother but I did not cry instead I ripped open the basement door and killed every hunter in sight. The hunters were winning werewolves killed every second till The Blood Crescent pack came. The only pack that didn't make an alliance with the others. Their Alpha was very very powerful,authority radiated off him he could kill 30 Hunters in a row. The battle was over in 5 minutes due to their appearance. My brother was dead my father was deaf and handicapped and my mother was deaf. The Alpha was killed and his son Ethan was too. The only person that could lead the scraps of our pack was me The Beta's daughter.

END OF CHAPTER 1. Hey guys this is my first werewolf book I know the first chapter is kinda boring but I wanted to set up the story without making it too cliche. Hope you guys enjoyed. =)

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