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It was the next day I got up went to the bathroom and started the water up to take a shower. When I got done I went back to my bedroom and got changed into a baby blue crop top and put some high waisted shorts on.

"JULIE! I'm going to take a ride around downtown. OKEY !"

"OKEY! I'm going to sleep in".

I got my phone and my keys and left. As I was walking to the car I saw these 3 guys making a video I thought "oh that's cool living next to YouTubers". But one of the guys turned around I couldn't believe my eyes it was Jc Caylen so i just got into my car and drove off.

"JULIE! I'm home".

"Hey Jen guess who lives next to us".

"JC CAYLEN Ik him and the other guys were filming".

"Jen this is your chance to get with him!".

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