Ashton's house

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Calum's POV

I tied a bandana covering her eyes and headed out towards the car.

"Where are we headed to?" She giggled underneath her blindfold.

"I thought we were just heading to Ashton's house"

"Let's just say we have a little surprise for you." I said as we pulled out of the driveway.

I turned on the music as we drove our way to Ashton's.


I honked the horn to let the boys know we were here.

Michael practically shoving Luke into the bushes came running over towards the car and opened Melody's door.

I laughed.

" What's the big surprise?" She asked while she tried to remove her bandana.

"Not yet!" Michael jumped to cover her eyes with his hands.

I got out of the car and walked around.

I grabbed one hand while Michael grabbed the other,walking her towards the door.

Luke got out of the bushes and walked over.

"Your gonna love it" he tried whispering to her but it was loud enough for all of us to hear it.

"Luke maybe next time you should say it louder so the whole neighbourhood could hear" I said in a sarcastic tone.

He rolled his eyes at me.

Luke placed his hands on Melody's hips.

Big brother protection filled throughout my body.

I was very protective over Melody. Especially around Luke.

It might've been the fact that I knew Melody had liked him since she first started high school with him and she still continued to have that feeling for him.

Luke has feelings for her also but he always had some girlfriend when she was single and while he was single she was taken.

Except now they were both single...

and I tried to keep them from dating as much as possible because I knew how he was and he acted in relationships and I didn't want Melody to get hurt. She was looking for love while he was just looking for something fun and nothing really serious.

I could see her smile at his touch making my grip a bit tighter. She seemed to notice but ignored it.

She knew how I felt bout her and Luke but she didn't care, which was her all the way, if she set her mind to something she stuck to it.

Sadly, in this case it was Luke.

We continued walking up Ashton's door that lead to Ashton's garage.

Ashton was waiting inside with a big smile on his face. All the boys were happy cause this time for once she gets to travel with us on tour. At least that's what they think.

"Okay guys let her see I can't stand waiting anymore!" Michael exclaimed.

I laughed.

"Okay Luke untie her blindfold" I mumbled while laughing at Michael's behaviour.

I noticed Luke whisper something in her ear while smirking and making Melody laugh.

I wanted to punch a wall.

Michael noticed my behaviour and moved Luke away from Melody.

"Geez, Luke you take FOREVERR. I'll just do it myself" he said pretending to be even more impatient.

Luke mumbled something under his breath and joined me and Ashton next to our poster.

"TA DA" we all harmonised together.

She immediately put her hand to her mouth in awe.

"Well?!" Michael said poking her side.

"What ya think?!"

She stood quiet for a few mins and then she exploded.


All four of them jumped into a group hug until it hit them. Ashton pulled back first..."You got the audition?"

She nodded.

Yes..this is when they all get upset and convince her not to go..

"NO WAY!" The three boys yelled and they once more ran in for a group hug.

This is not the way it's supposed to go...

My note:
Sorry guys I know I have apologised so much but I truly am sorry. Just GAH I wish I didn't have to be so busy with things it's stressful. This might be a boring chapter but I'll try to better I promise. Just wanna say thank you so much for sticking with me and my delayed chapters

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