The 'A sisters'

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Zayn' POV

Who would have thought that I would enjoy school so much. I mean other than having girls throw themselves at me I was kind of feeling lucky because I have found the the one thing I have been searching for. My mate.

As I grow up my parents told me stories about how mates meet, fall in love, have a family and grow old together and the rest falls in place.

 When I saw Avery I felt this strange pull towards her and I had this sudden urge to talk to her prehaps to see if something will happen and something did happen because when our hands touched all I knew is that I have found my mate.

"Do you want another packet of some Lays chips?" I asked her as I realised the one she ate early on were all over the floor.

"No thank you, anyway I'm on my way to my first class which is Chemistry, what about you ?" she asked me

"Biology," I informed her

"Ok, see you around.''she said in a soft decreased volume voice.

Is it me or am I imaging things because she sound a little disappointed when I told her I'm heading off to Biology and not Chemistry.

I left the cafeteria and since I wasn't paying attention to where I'm going I bumped in to someone.

"Sorry, I wasn't watching were I'm going,"  the person I bumped into apologised.

I was also about to apologise when confusion clouded my mind.

"Didn't I leave you in the cafeteria?" I asked her.

"Was I eating some Lays chips?" she asked a question of her own.

"Yes" I decided on answering her

Before she spoke she had a smile as if this is not the first time something like this happened.

"I'm guessing you met Avery" she asked me another  question

"Yes." I answered again trying to understand where this was leading to.

"Hi, I'm Avery's twin sister, Allison." she introduced herself.

As I was about to introduce myself, Avery exited the cafeteria and headed our way with another packet of salt and vinegar flavoured Lays chip.

Her eyes widen when she saw us together as if she did not expect this to happen and put on a brave smile and started talking ''I'm guessing you guys just met each other and from the confused look Zayn has, he thought you were me?" and ate a crisp Lays chip.

I was about to answer her but Allison beat me to it and gave her sister the answer.

''Yes and don't worry you can totally have him.'' Allison said while giving her sister a wink.

Avery gave her sister murderous eyes, if looks could kill, Allison would be six feet underground in less than a minute.

''See you guys later and it was nice meeting you Zayn.'' Allison bid as she left me with her sister in quite a hurry that I didn't get to tell her the same things she told me.

''Now you just have to meet my young brother '' Avery said out of nowhere, and I have to confesse that I totally forgot about her because I was trying to grasp the information of Avery having a twin sister.

''Yeah, can I ask you a quick question ?'' This question has been burning in the back of my mind since I met Avery so might as well ask it know rather than later.

I could see she was curious as to what I was going to ask her, that is why she agreed to letting me ask her the question.

''Do you believe in supernatural ?'' I had to ask her this question so I can know what I'm dealing with.

''No.'' She answered me while rising her eyebrows to figure out what I was implying.

Right now I'm trying to discover the type of person Avery is, not only does she have a very amusing side she also has a side that has been through alot.



Before I could finsh my sentence the bell started ringing and  Avery was already gone. What is it with the 'A sisters' leaving so suddenly, might as well go to the Biology classroom.

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