In another life part 3-baby step

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It's been almost two months since that time we met at the mall. But we always talk and text over the phone. But I didn't consider him as my grind or anything yet. Then the fallowing day, I received an invitation from John, one of my friends for his birthday party. It's been a long time since the last time I've seen him. So I decided to go to his birthday party. As soon as I got there, I saw all my friends and we all hug each other then went over to John and greeted him a happy birthday. I gave him his present and we talked and talked because we miss each other. "Ha! Wow, you had so much fun in the U.S while me and Whitney them were stuck here with boredom." We both laugh and kept on talking. Then suddenly he stand up and yelled, "what's up bro! How have you been!?" I turned around and I saw him, Austin. I completely forgot that he was John's childhood friend. Their still friends though. After they greeted each other, Austin walled towards me. He greeted and said, "I didn't think I'd see you again beautiful." I felt my heart skipped a beat. "Well, me too. I didn't know you like to party!" We talked and talked then I took my phone out of my back pocket in my jeans then started taking selfies. "I didn't know that you like taking pictures so much?" He asked. Then I told him, "...of course! Don't you know that pictures captures the moments of your life? That's why I take pictures everywhere I go because I want to make a lot of memories." He stared at me for at least 5 seconds then he smiled and finally told me to take one picture of me and him. So I did! That's the first picture we had. Then we both enjoyed the party with our friends at the John's birthday party. when I was on May to my car, he run to me and asked me if I was free on Saturday. "Uh, sure I've got nothing to do on that day anyway." But actually I just wanted to hang with him and I dint know why.

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