Chapter 10.5: Confusion

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I think I saw shay at the corner of my eye at the door so I ran over and looked out the door.

I see shay walking right behind someone who looks quite cute but familiar. He kinda looks like me though so I'm quite confused about what's happening.

I continue to watch them disappear as they walk further and further away from me.

Why did she follow him?

What does he want with shay?

Argh so many questions that I don't know any answers for!

I'm about to head back to my desk when I bump my head on someone's chest.

I look up and find a guy who looks like shay but then

"Watch where your going nimrod."

And then he just walks into my classroom and sits in my seat which was in the middle of the classroom.

Well I didn't really like that seat to begin with, so I guess I can sit in the seat in the back.

But as I sat down I constantly stared at the guy who looks like shay.

Shay can be rude but not this level of rudeness. ugh his face even pisses me off, so I turn my head to the window viewing the back of the school.

I hope shay can come back so I can talk with her.maybe we can eat lunch together.

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