My friends and I walked out of school together after our last class, I couldn't explain it but I went nervous all of a sudden. I tried to shrug it off but my heart is beating wildly making me feel like something bad is about to happen. We said our goodbyes and I watch the three of them hop in the school bus before I started to walk back home. After a few paces a motorbike showed up in front of me and it made me stopped walking. I noticed that it was Jaejoong's. Only a few teenagers at school owns a motorbike, and I know very well what his bike looks like.

"Need a ride?" Jaejoong asked me with a grin. I slowly took a step backward. There's something wrong with the way he looks at me. Call me paranoid but, it doesn't match his smile.

"I-It's fine. I can walk. I like to walk." Shit. Why do I sound nervous?

Jaejoong looks at me intently, still grinning. "Oh c'mon, Arya. It's not like I'm going to take you anywhere." He chuckled.

"Thanks but, it's really okay." I tried to smile. "I gotta go." I told him. But just before I could walk right past him he grabbed my wrist. I turned my head sharply towards him out of shock. He got off from his bike.

"I told you to take a ride with me." He clenched his jaw. His facial expression looked different from awhile ago. All of a sudden it looked menacing.

"Let go of my hand, Jaejoong." I told him trying not to look afraid. I think I know what he wants from me.

He gripped my wrist tightly. "Come with me, Arya. I just want to talk to you."

"You're hurting me!" It hurts. It really hurts. And it made me wince in pain. It took me all the strength I need just to take his hand off from my wrist. As soon as I did, I ran. Ran as fast as I could. I hear him shout my name but I didn't look back. Then I hear him curse, I think his motorbike won't start. It gave me a head start. I need to reach home fast. I rub my wrist as I ran. No, I wasn't just running. I'm sprinting. It's not a problem for me, I used to be a runner in middle school. At a distance I saw Aunt Ingrid's house. I can make it. I swear I'll fuckin' lock the doors once I'm in.

"Shit. Shit. Shit." I muttered as I reach the front porch. I can hear the sound of a motorbike from afar. That psycho still followed me. I locked the doors once I'm inside, I'm breathless and my heart feels like it's about to explode. I stood behind the door holding my knee and I gasp for air. Then came the knocking.

"Arya. I know you're in there. Open up. I just want us to talk." I heard Jaejoong's voice outside the door. I pressed my lips. There's no way I'm going to open up this door. He knocked again, this time, more frantic. "Open up, Arya! Open this goddamn door!" I flinched. I never heard him sound so out of control. He knocked continuously. "Arya! Damn it!"

I swallowed hard as I look at the door. What shall I do, what shall I do.. I fumbled for my phone inside my backpack. I am freaking shaking. I was about to dial my aunt's number when I hear a vehicle pull over in front of the house. I looked at the peep hole and saw that it's my aunt's mini van. Thank heavens! I saw Jaejoong went uneasy. My aunt had her eyebrows creased as she approached the front porch.

"Excuse me young man, how may I help you?" Aunt Ingrid asked him.

Jaejoong ran a hand through his hair. "I was just looking for Arya."

"Oh." Aunt Ingrid said, surprised. "Are you her classmate?"

"Uh, no. I'm a senior. I'm friends with her though." Jaejoong flashed a charming smile.

Liar! I wanted to shout. Don't let him in aunt please!

"I see. Maybe she's upstairs. Why don't you come in?" Aunt Ingrid offered him and took out her keys from her bag.

"No it's okay, I'll just come back some other time." Jaejoong answered her.

Aunt Ingrid looked at him quizzically. "You sure? It seems like you just got here. I can call her for you."

"No. I.. I need to go." With that Jaejoong left in a hurry. My aunt shrugged and opened the door and found me standing right in front of it.

"Oh! Arya you almost--" I didn't let her finish. I hugged her tightly and she hugged me back. "What's wrong kid? You're shaking!"

"Ingrid, there's still some bags left in the van." I hear my mom voiced out as she entered inside.

"Mom!" I shouted and hugged her too. I buried my face in her neck and held my tears. I never thought I'd hug her like this again. Thank God they're here.

"Sweetie, what's.. going on?" Mom asked me as she rub my back. I shook my head and just hugged her. I heard Aunt Ingrid close the door.

I never told them what's bothering me or what happened during dinner. I ate in a haste and went straight to my room. I just want to take a rest.

Later that night GD went to visit me. We've decided to have our meetings inside my room now, so that my elders won't get suspicious every time I went out late. I told him about what happened that morning with Gyuri and then that afternoon with Jaejoong. GD's face went stiff, he gazed at me with worried eyes as I relay everything to him.

"This is what I'm afraid of, Arya. I told you you'd be in danger." GD said to me.

"Maybe I should tell someone about this. So that if anything bad happens to me someone will have an idea." I told him.

GD gave me a puzzled look. "Who do you have in mind?"

"CL and Bom. I trust them. I might even need their help with my plan."

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