Part 45 ( Last Part of Complications of A Thug)

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Travis P.O.V (continued )

Jay slammed his foot on the break causing all of us to jerk forward . We all hopped out the car and screamed Née's name . I shouldn't of let her get away . I tried calling her a few times , but it just went straight to voice mail .

"Mayne somebody got her ." I said in a shaky voice . The girls continued screaming her name .

"Looking for somebody ?" My ex Natalie said . she had an evil smirk on her face and it was the same voice I heard right before I found out Née was missing .

"That's none of your damn business hoe ." Crystal said . We were all shocked that Crystal had just came off like that .

"Hoe ?!" She said in shock like she ain't know she was one . Pssh .

"Fuck is you doing here ?" I said sternly .

"No honey the question is what are you doing ?" She said with an evil smile . This bitch is crazy .

"Bruh come on ."' Jay mumbled as we all got back in the car . We were driving as Natalie chased the car . She jumped in front of the car and we hit her .

"OH FUCK !!!" Jay said yelling . Everybody gasped .

"Did you just kill her ass ??" I said looking out the window to her lifeless body laying there .

"Run that bitch over again." Crystal said pointing .

"Just go !" I said .

"I could be charged for a hit and run ." He said panicking and shit .

"Put yo paranoid ass on the gas and fuckin go ." I said seriously . Jay hesitated then eventually drove away . Running over her ass might've been the best thing that's happened tonight . One less problem .

Jay P.O.V

I was just thinking the whole damn time about running over that female . I don't know if she dead . I don't know if she practically committed suicide or I was involved in a hit and run . It's whatever I know Travis's stress level is high and all he want is Née . I think that she just walked away I ont think nobody got her or anything . She had just got into an argument with Corey and she probably needed to calm down and get some air . Travis always think Née supposed be with him when maybe she need some alone time . She going through a lot and she making a way for herself .

I was driving and looking at surrounding till we stopped in a field .

"Oh my god !" Sienna and Mariah screamed looking down . There laid to bloody bodies and I looked closely and saw that one was Alaysia and the other Née . Alaysia was a bit more bruised and bloody than Née . There was a white piece of paper in the middle of them that said :

"Keep yo bitches near you . -Reon and friends 😏"

"So there's more than one of this niggas ?" Travis said with anger .

A hour and Thirty Minutes before


Reneé P.O.V

Corey pissed me off and I ain't feel like talking to nobody . I turned my back on Travis which I wouldn't even dare to do . A few hot tears streamed from my face . I kept my head down and continued walking . I felt somebody wrap their hands around me and snatch me up quick . I screamed out praying somebody would hear me .

"Travis !!!" I screamed .

"He ain't gon be here no more ." The person said in my ear causing me to cry and scream for help . He threw me in this room near a body . I looked over to see Lay unconscious . I screamed and screamed . Reon came in and beat the shit out of me . I fought back as hard as I could even getting out my pepper spray and stabbing him with my key . As soon as I stabbed him , he punched me hard and unconscious .

Back to The present


Travis P.O.V

"Call 911 ." I said holding Née in my arms . I brushed her hair out of her face to see a huge gash on the side . Crystal dialed 911 on her phone and talked which seemed like forever .

"They're on the way ." Crystal said out of breath . About damn time . I wasn't even holy , but I was sure praying that Alaysia and Née would be okay especially née I can't imagine what I would do without her . A few tears fell down due to anger . Why would that fuckin bitch ass nigga do some shit like that . Sirens wailed in the distance giving me some hope she'd be okay , but not a lot . I swear on everything when I find this nigga I'm killing him on the spot without any shame gon' get enough of touching my girl . If you mine , you my property . They put Lay in one ambulance and they put Née in the other . I got in the ambulance with Née and held her hand . She gave me a little grip causing me to smile a little .

"Girlfriend ?" One of the paramedics said .

"Yeah ." I said low .

"She'll be fine ." She said trying to clean her up . That didn't give me much hope . I hate seeing her like this and all fucked up . When Reon said friends I have a feeling it had something to do with Corey . I don't think Corey would ever do anything to hurt his sister , but she was hella reckless with him tonight .

We arrived at the hospital and I waited in the waiting room with everybody else for further notice . I was anxious to know if she was okay and what happened .

"Family of Reneé And Alaysia ?" A doctor came in . We all nodded and gave him our full attention .

"Alaysia was more beaten and bruised obviously , but she's just fine . We're going to keep her a couple days to make sure she's stable ." Everybody took a sigh of relief , but me .

"Reneé on the other hand , lost plenty of blood and was severely injured which has a huge interfer if she's going to live . There is a 75% chance of her living , so were expecting her to stay strong and get through surgery just fine . "The doctor said . I couldn't take this bullshit anymore . I stormed out the room and loaded my gun . I guess I'm killin' Reon solo . Don't fuck with my girl . I drove around back to the place where Née was before he took her . It was a nearby shed that looked deserted . I bust the door in and there he was . I shot him dead in the chest with no hesitation .

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