I didn't see anyone.

I hadn't gotten out of bed soon enough.

All I saw was my dad, bleeding to death on the carpet of his room.

"Did you already call 911?" Thomas asked as he ran in, seeing dad in obvious pain.

Dad shrieked out, shaking and with tears in his eyes.

"Yes, they're coming right now."I push back the tears in my eyes that are threatening to come out. My vision gets blurry and I think it's the tears but the next thing I know, I have a throbbing head pain and an icy pain flowing from my spine to the rest of my body.

I opened my eyes thinking- no hoping, that I just had a nightmare about my dad. About everything that's happened since school had started.

It must be fake. It has to be fake.

"Emma Scout Kobo. You little-" Bella screams into my ear, swearing every few words.

Nope, it's all real.

update coming soon!
this chapter is really short bc I was having writers block. sorry. alright well the next chapter will be really long to make up for it. byee -dana

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