Chapter 14

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Stiles' POV: I couldn't believe my ears. It couldn't be real. Did the girl I've had a crush on since third grade really just say she loves me? This must be a dream? It has to be one! It's all just an ill-fated dream! I looked at my hand and began to count my fingers.

Lydia-"What are you doing?"

Stiles-"Counting my fingers. But I don't understand....I still have only 10 fingers. This is a dream......." She gently put her hand on mine and clenched it into a fist.

Lydia-"You're not dreaming. I mean what I said." She was still smiling. Relief filled her eyes. She must have been hiding this for a while, searching for the right time to admit her feelings.

Stiles-"Since when?"

Lydia-"Since our kiss in the locker room." My eyes widened. That kiss was magical to me. And now that I knew she felt the same way a tinge of happiness formed in my heart. She continued. Her gaze dropped to our hands which were still holding onto each other.

Lydia-"At the moment, when you were having the panic attack, I just wanted to help you. I didn't expect to feel something......especially something that strong. I've never felt that way with Jackson or Aiden."

Stiles-"What about when you kissed Scott?" I was just curious. She laughed and looked into my eyes.

Lydia-"Oh god, no. I was just made at Jackson. It seemed like I was always made at him. Or he was always mad at me."

Stiles-"But you still loved him."

Lydia-"I loved him yes. But it wasn't.......true love. It wasn't the kind of love that filled your heart with warmth every time you see him. Or the kind that makes you feel like you could do anything, even fly. But when I thought he was dying, something just hit me. We had good times. But he just cared about his reputation more than me. He might have not admitted to it, but I know it's true. He never cared for me like you do. He never put himself in danger to protect me. He never risked his life for me. He was never my true anchor. It took time to realize it. And I'm so sorry. I was blind. You were always the one. The one who protected me. The one who put his life in danger, so many times, for me. The one for me. The one who is really my anchor. Stiles, I love you. And I want to be with you." I was speechless. My heart pumping a million beats per second. My mind was spinning as well.

Lydia-"Please say something." Our faces were inches apart.

Stiles-"Lydia. You don't know how long I've been waiting for this to happen. That may sound creepy, but it's true. Ever since third grade, when I saw that beautiful strawberry blonde hair in pigtails......I fell in love instantly. Some people say you can't already fall in love at that age. But I felt something in my heart that day. You not only filled my heart with love and joy but overfilled it that the shut off valve was powerless." She looked deep into my eyes, hers filled with such content.

Lydia-"Then say you want to be with me." Our hands still tightly bonded. Mine was beginning to fall asleep but I didn't dare let go. I didn't want to let go.

Stiles-"I want to be with you.........but....." She dropped her head towards the ground again.

Lydia-" you still have feelings for her?"

Stiles-"That's not it. She broke my heart. She was the one I was willing to fight for, risk my life for, if she was in danger of being hurt. And I thought she would do the same. And in the end, she was the one who hurt me. She always told me she loved me.....she still does. I know she does. She was just confused....." A tear fell from my eye and rolled down my cheek. She brought her hand up to my face and softly wiped it away.

Lydia-"What do I have to do to make you see she can't love you like me?"


I pulled her into a kiss. And boom. The fireworks. Hundreds of them. Her kiss touched my soul and made me come alive. It pulled me out of the storm that hung over. It brought me back to reality. And that's when I realized something......something very important. In life there will always be a reason to keep going, even when you are not sure what's waiting ahead, because no matter how dark the night gets, there will always be a beautiful brighter day awaiting if we never give up. Lydia Martin is my beautiful brighter day. Lydia Martin is my anchor. Lydia Martin is what gives my heart content.

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