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You stand in front of the sink washing up the dishes from tonight's dinner. Alex, Avent, and Hasten are discussing important matters that you know nothing about.

You have no idea why Alex is part of their group, or kin, as they call it. You feel so detached from him, like he is a stranger. When you asked why he doesn't speak to you, he said it's because you're the reason Mom's dead. That hurt more than any physical pain Hasten can cause.

You finish drying and place the dishes in their proper home, hang up the towel and stand against the oven. 

'I wonder what Ryan's up to. I can't believe they are vampire hunters. They didn't even tell me.' Your chest becomes heavy as you try to think of reasons they kept you unaware.

'I guess it's their decision, they aren't as helpless as I thought' 

You remember thinking about how they couldn't help and how you wanted to keep them safe.

'They've been a part of this the whole time.' 

"Emi" Your thoughts are put on hold as you turn your attention to Hasten. "Don't worry about them. You need to be more concerned with yourself." Rage begins to boil inside as you let out an annoyed sigh.

"Believe me, I'm 100% focused on me." A small smirk plays across his face as he sits at the breakfast nook. 

You look out the window as the sun slowly sets. "How come you guys can stand in the sun? I thought Vampires hate the sun." Hasten rolls his eyes at your question but answers. 

"I am from an ancient vampire line along with Avent, which allows my clan to walk in the light." You join Hasten at the table as he continues, 

"Avent is from a different clan, they are one of the most powerful clans around." You nod. "So since you turned Alex does that make him part of your clan? Is that why he isn't affected by the sun?" 

"Correct, he is a part of my clan." You think about Alex's eyes, how they glow eerily green "So when you turn someone, they get your eyes?" He looks deep in thought as you sit patiently, 

"When a vampire turns a human, they become part of that vampire's clan. My clan comes from one of the purest lineage, Ayperos.

We all have eyes like this. As for Avents clan, Tchort, they all have his colour."

You lean in closer "So you can tell who's in what clan, just by their eye colour?" he nods. 

"So what other clans are there?" you feel yourself becoming absorbed in all this new knowledge. 

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