-Ashton's POV-

I saw Ari's face light up bright red and pink. I ran over to Luke and tackled him to the floor. Ari pulled me off of Luke and carried me away. I could hear Michael and Calum asking Luke if he was ok and started laughing and talking about Ari. Ari kept carring me until we were in my room. She pushed me against the wall.

"Ari, what are you doing?" I asked her. "Shut up. You're on punishment." She said to me. She put her lips on mine and kissed me roughly. I was starting to feel very turned on. She pulled away and sat in my desk chair. "Ari?! Why did you stop?!" I yelled at her. "Punishment." She said back.I frowned and she just flashed me heer beautiful smile.

"Please babes." I said to her. "NO ASHTON! YOU'VE BEEN BAD!" She yelled at me.

I sat on my bed and frowned toward her. "Dont give me that look babe." She said to me. I still frowned.

"You know what babe, let's go do something." She said. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me outside the bedroom.

"Where are you guys going?" Calum asked us. "We're going go kart racing." Ari yelled as she kept walking. We walked out the front door and I got in the driver's seat.

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