Chapter 23: disaster

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At the party, Angel pushed Stephanie off him. He saw how Lyndsee ran out. He tried to run after her, but Stephanie kept pulling him away from the door. He started panicking and eventually grew angry with himself. He turned to Stephanie.

"What the hell do you think you're doing! Why would you do that to her."

She laughed. "From what I heard, she's not your girlfriend. What? Is it my fault that she can't take a joke?" she asked innocently. "I love you so much Angel." She mimicked.

He saw everyone watching as he ran out and got into his car. He drove to Lyndsee's house and really was worried about what she was capable of doing.


Lyndsee ran upstairs and into her room. She immediately had a panic attack and pulled on her hair. She broke down in tears and realized she wasn't ok anymore. She locked her door and banged her head against it. She could hear Angel burst through her front door and yell her name as she buried her head in her arms.

"Lyndsee! Please talk to me! Answer me!"

Lyndsee looked up and had so much rage on her face. She didn't know what to say.

"Angel! Please go home!" she yelled from behind her door. She didn't want to hurt him. She knew if he came any closer, she would harm him.

"Lyndsee please!"

"Angel, trust me!"

"But please I need to talk to you tomorrow ok?"

"Please get out!" she yelled.

Angel left and finally she stood up and looked at herself in her vanity. It was 10:30 and it was already too dark. She smiled at her reflection. She was not going to let anything like this happen ever again. Ever.

She went into the basement and got some gloves and put them on. She reached for a metal bar hanging from the wall. She knew what she wanted. She wanted to end all of this.

She snuck out of the house and walked back to Stephanie's house. The party was over. She pulled her hood over her head and looked around. She jumped through the fence and found an open window. She climbed in and slowly made her way up the stairs. She searched for her parents. They weren't home. Good. She found Stephanie's room and opened it slowly. She saw a boy in bed with her. Octavio. This was better. She made her was closer to the bed and raised the bar and stabbed Stephanie in the back. She let out a loud scream, causing Octavio to wake up. He panicked and tried to grab Lyndsee, but she swung the metal bar in to his stomach, which caused his breathing to stop. Stephanie screamed at the pain and lyndsee hit her repeatedly with it. She let go of all her anger by not stopping. She finally grew tired and looked at her weapon. She smiled. This is what she wanted.

She walked downstairs and jumped out the window. She could imagine Stephanie's parents screaming at the sight.

She walked back home and saw Mr. Johnson's car on the driveway.

Oh my god. Her cream colored top was splattered with blood and she couldn't let Mr. Johnson see that. She ran through the back door and snuck in through the kitchen's sliding door and grabbed her gray hoodie. Mr. Johnson was sleeping on the couch. Ugh. She had told Mary she didn't need a babysitter.

She walked upstairs with the metal bar in her hand and cleaned it in the bathroom. She went into the basement and carefully placed it in its place.

After a hot shower, she slipped into bed. She didn't feel like lying down. She pulled on her hair and tried to stay calm. She promised she wouldn't do this anymore. How stupid was that. She closed her eyes and breathed in and out ten times to calm herself and slept a sleepless night.


- Maddie G

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