Chapter 10

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"What do you want from me?" Trisha asked.

"Nothing!" He chuckled.

Trisha walked away from Jack, she got a bit farther then looked back, she saw Jack walking confidently away like nothing happened. She finally walked freely in a relief 9:00 am

"Good morning juniors!" The teacher greeted.

"Good morning" the students said.

"I am ms. Wilson, this is my first year as a high school teacher in North Coast High. My subject for you is music so we better get a long."

"Ma'am what are our activities for this year?" Shermaine Carpenter, the class's president last year, asked.

"For our first quarter, we have our role playing, we are gonna compete with the other participating schools next month so we better start practicing" ms. Wilson said.

"Is the whole school participating?" Shermaine asked.

"No ms. Carpenter, only the juniors"

"So only juniors are joining?"

"Yes" Ms. Wilson said.

Ms. Wilson started to lecture about what are the activities they were gonna do the whole school year. It went on like forever that some of the students started to drool sleeping, the discussion bored Trisha and Lexie; Lexie spoke to Trisha.

"Look at that guy over there" Lexie said starting to laugh pointing at the back, right corner.

Trisha looked where Lexie was pointing at and notices a boy drooling his mouth while sleeping. Trisha giggled, she laughed till Josh looked at the sleeping guy then laughed as well, he looked at Trisha then gave Trisha a smile, as Trisha smiled back.

It was already 9:59 am and Trisha fixed her things getting ready for her next class, Trisha's next class was math, she wasn't the same class as Lexie so she was on her own.

*school bell ringing* finally, it was dismissal, it was time for math, she went to the schedule board and check what room she was. She was in 411 it was only 3 rooms away so she was early, she got in the room and sat at the back, she had no one to talk to till the boy in front of her talked to her, the boy looked at his back and said.

"Hey, remember me?" the boy said.

Trisha noticed the boy's face, it was Jack Philips. "What's your problem!?" She said.

"Nothing" he said smiling at her.

"Are you stalking me?!" Trisha asked.

Jack laughed at her question and answered it, "no, it's just that I'm in the same class as you!" Jack said.

Trisha started to get annoyed so much that she just kept quiet. Jack kept on staring at her smiling. His dimples made him cute that Trisha started to stare at him; they had eye to eye contact.

"What?" Trisha said with a frown.

"What?" Jack answered keeping his smile at her.

"Stop staring at me!" Trisha protested to jack.

"Why not?" Jack asked.

"Im just annoyed okay?!" Trisha shouted.

"Why not? I just think that your kinda cute when you're annoyed" Jack said.

"Shut up!" Trisha said trying to hide her smile, pushing Jack's face, facing another direction. Jack faced front till the teacher came in the room then introduce herself.

The lecture of the teacher took ages till it finished, then finally, it was already lunch time. The bell rang as the other students went out of the room, Trisha went to her locker and placed her stuff in her locker, went to the schedule board and got the following subjects for the fourth and fifth period. As she walked to her locker she notices jack coming her way, going towards her. She closes her locker then places it's padlock as fast as she can then walks away going away from jack, she looks back then discovers a bunch of teenagers but no Jack, she felt relieved then walks freely, as she walked not noticing her way she bumps into someone then looks who it was, she faced up then noticed that it was Jack!

but this time, she checked her way if she might bump someone again, But the question is, what does Jack want from Trisha? Was he stalking her or something? Or Jack was a jock who loved to play and fool around, who was tricky like the other guys in every school?

It was already 10:05 am as Trisha headed to the cafeteria and eat her lunch, she opened the door and discovered the whole cafeteria full of occupied tables. She started to look for Lexie and a table to sit as well, she searched in the tables if Lexie was in it or not, she walked towards the counter and check if Lexie was in line, no Lexie, she realized that Lexie wasn't in the cafeteria. She decided to deal with her hunger alone, she then took a tray then went in line to get some food. It was finally her turn then she decided to get pasta.

"What can i get you dear?" The lunch lady questioned with a smiling face.

"Carbonara and chocolate milk please" Trisha answered politely.

"Sure" the lunch lady said.

The lunch lady brought out a plate then placed the pasta on it handing it out to her as well as the chocolate milk. Trisha carried the tray looking for a vacant table. searching, she did not find one but she still looked. She notices a table with only one a few guys in it in the left, she walks towards it then seats, she asks the one of the guys if she could seat with them, thats when she recognized his face, it was jack again.

"Oh hey! Its you again! Yeah you can seat with us" he said smiling.

"Umm never mind, its fine" She denied

"No! Seat down! Lets get to know ourselves shall we?" He demanded, holding Trisha's right arm tightly. "I'm sure you already know my name, so what's yours?" He asked again.

"Why would I tell you mine?" Trisha asked.

"Tell me your name first!" Jack demanded again, not letting go of her arm.

"No!" She protested.

"Why not? I wont let you go if you wont tell me!" Jack happily said

"Ok fine!" Trisha protested

"So what is it?"

"I wont tell you!" She said.

"I'll kiss you if you wont tell me!" Jack lied.

"I wont tell you!" She said bravely.

Jack moved his face closer to Trisha till Trisha shouted.

"Stop!" She yelled

"So what is it?" Jack said.

"Give me a reason why should I tell you first!" Trisha conditioned.

"Nothing" Jack said.

"I won't tell you then" Trisha said.

Jack placed both of his hands on Trisha's face then move his face closer to hers, closer, then closer. Jack started to open his mouth till Trisha shouted.

"Trisha Hamilton!" She shouted in a rush.


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