Chapter 1

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Faith is a young girl she is only 18 finished High school and her goal was to go to a college.

She spent most of her days after school writing interview people but not really serious.



She picks up her phone and glances at it" hello...?" She says confused

"Yes hello um are you an interviewer of report that had called me last week?" The middled age man says in the phone

"YES THATS ME! I means yes that's me." Willow says and jumps up and down biting her lip while listen to see if she can interview someone

"Yes you were accepted to be interviewing a band in the next few days In London" the Middle Age man says and hangs up.

"YES" she jumps and lands and slips on her socks"damnit.." She gets up and starts packing and bringing 2 notebooks and a camera with her laptop.

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